Bound typescript volume of the diary of Alice Allen Robinson (1852-1940) of Cullybackey, County Antrim, 1904-1905. The diary records a world tour which she made with her husband, Stewart, the owner of Dromona Dyeing and Finishing Works and includes a photograph of Alice Allen Robinson. For example, the diary notes, 'The parting from our children was a sore trial. Had we imagined it would have been so bad I think we would not have contented to leave then for so long, but I know God will take care of them and reunite us in a few months', 23 August 1904; when approaching Queenstown, 'I was amused to see rowed in small boats, strong masculine looking peasant women with huge baskets of apples and other ware climbing up into the small steamer by the help of a sailor's hand and afterwards in to the Baltic with no fear in their composition I thought', 25 August 1904; 'When I got up I felt so weak and kept weakly and sick up to Saturday 22nd when we got into Honalulu...But I kept weakly and even sick occasionally up to this week. About 26th began to gain a little strength and eat with relish', 18 October 1904; in India, 'I did some necessary sewing and rested, only in the evening going for a walk. My head ached today from the effects of vaccination and at night I was feverish, but in the morning I felt better, but my arm is inflamed', 1 March 1905.

Also bound in this volume is the diary of Jemma Robinson, the second daughter of Alice and Stewart Robinson, written when she was aged eleven, 1 January 1900-18 June 1901, including her photograph. For example, 'Mother, Fannie, Hugh and I went to Killymurris Church. Mr Jones is our preacher. We said our scripture to mother as father is away', 7 January 1900; 'Mother got a letter from Aunt Fannie telling us that our cousin Maggie Hannah is dead. She is only married two years and has one little baby not a year old. We are all very sorrowful', 24 January 1900; ' I am teaching Alice to read, she is very tiresome at times', 25 January 1900; 'The King is to be proclaimed in Ballymena tomorrow at 2 p.m. Miss Fleming and Emily are going to see the proclamation so we will get out of school at 12. Mother will call for us at 12 and take us into town', 27 February 1901; 'Father came home today. I am top of my class this week', 23 April 1901' 'This is my birthday. I am twelve years of age today. Father gave me two shillings...Mother put a ring in my birthday cake. Hugh got it', 25 April 1901.

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