CollectionLondonderry Board of Guardian Records

All board of guardian records are closed for 100 years from their terminal date.

Londonderry Board of Guardian Minute Books:
BG/21/A/1 1839-1843
BG/21/A/2 1843-1847
BG/21/A/3 1847-1848
BG/21/A/4 1848
BG/21/A/5 1848-1849
BG/21/A/6 1849-1850
BG/21/A/7 1850-1851
BG/21/A/8 1851
BG/21/A/9 1851-1855
BG/21/A/10 1855-1859
BG/21/A/11 1859-1862
BG/21/A/12 1862-1866
BG/21/A/13 1866-1870
BG/21/A/14 1870-1873
BG/21/A/15 1873-1876
BG/21/A/16 1876-1878
BG/21/A/17 1878-1881
BG/21/A/18 1881-1884
BG/21/A/19 1884-1886
BG/21/A/20 1886-1889
BG/21/A/21 1889-1891
BG/21/A/22 1891-1894
BG/21/A/23 missing
BG/21/A/24 1896-1899
BG/21/A/25 1889
BG/21/A/26 1899-1901
BG/21/A/27 1901-1904
BG/21/A/28 1904-1906
BG/21/A/29 1906-1908
BG/21/A/30 1908-1911
BG/21/A/31 1911-1913
BG/21/A/32 1914-1916
BG/21/A/33 1916-1919
BG/21/A/34 1919-1922
BG/21/A/35 1922-1928
BG/21/A/36 1928-1931
BG/21/A/37 1932-1936
BG/21/A/38 1937-1939
BG/21/A/39 19391944,
BG/21/A/40 1945-1948.

Sanitary Board minute books:
BG/21/AL/1 1875-1891
BG/21/AL/2 1891-1899.

Glendermot Dispensary minute book:
BG/21/AJ/1 1852-1899.

Muff Dispensary minute book:
BG/21/AJ/2 1852-1899.

Outward letter books:
BG/21/B/1 1888-1894
BG/21/B/2 1899-1901
BG/21/B/3 1901-1906
BG/21/B/4 1906-1911.

Classified returns of indoor and outdoor relief:
BG/21/D/1 1938-1942.

Indoor relief register:
BG/21/G/1 1910.

Registers of births in Londonderry Workhouse:
BG/21/K/1 1841-1899
BG/21/K/2 1905-1946.

Miscellaneous plans and tenders:
BG/21/O/1-8 includes, for example:

BG/21/O/1 A copy of sale of land, 1839.

BG/21/O/2 A plan of Londonderry workhouse, 1902.

BG/21/O/3 Notes on the establishment of Gortrush dispensary, 1888.

A useful publication is Michael H. Gould, 'The Workhouses of Ulster' (Belfast, Ulster Architectural Society, 1983).

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Century19th, 20th

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