CollectionNorthern Ireland Cabinet Secretariat Papers

Cabinet Secretariat files of the Northern Ireland Government, containing numerous references to women. For example:
CAB/9B/272/15 includes recommendations on au pair employment, 1957-1968.

CAB/9B/297/1 including Member of the Parliament of Northern Ireland, Sheelagh Murnaghan's private members' Human Rights Bill presented to the Northern Ireland House of Commons, 1967-1968.

CAB/9B/275 Married Women (Restraint upon Anticipation) Bill (Northern Ireland), to remove restrictions on the disposal of women's property, 1952.

CAB/9C/42 Employment of women and children on the two-shift system, 1936-1939.

CAB/9C/50 Attendance of Northern Ireland representatives at a Women's Conference to be held in Great Britain, 1943.

CAB/9CD/225/10 Visit of Mrs Eleanor Roosevelt to Northern Ireland, 1942.

CAB/9B/133/2 Papers about the Employment of Women and Young Persons Act (Northern Ireland), 1964-1965.

CAB/9B/241/1 Papers, some relating to Law Reform (Husband and Wife) Bill, to amend the law relating to divorce and other matrimonial proceedings, 1935-1965.

CAB/9G/63 Pensioned widow and dependants of servicemen - reports on conduct of, 1926 [these records are closed for 75 years].

CAB/9J/ including files about legislation relating to women in the 20th Century such as CAB/9J/60/12, correspondence regarding private members' bills in the Northern Ireland House of Commons, including the Employment of Women Bill, 1958-1966.

CAB/9N/8/1 Cabinet Secretariat subject files, Ministry of Health and Local Government: nursing services, 1945-1959.

CAB/9R/15/2 League of Nations: reports and enquiries about trafficking in women and children, 1928-1933.

CAB/9R/15/25 Correspondence regarding the United Nations, including a questionnaire on the legal conditions and the effects of the dissolution of marriage, annulment of marriage and judicial separation, 1961-1964.

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CommentSome of the information listed from this repository has been extracted from lists available in the archives. The lists were compiled by Public Record Office of Northern Ireland staff and we are grateful for their assistance. It must be remembered that due to time constraints not all items in this repository were examined individually.