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Minutes, 1715-1769 'giving an account of how such testimony is kept up against every thing that is not consistent in Truth and how for the many minutes given forth for the preservation of all within the ? Of truth are answered'.

Volume contains lists of 'queries' to be answered by each Quarterly Meeting. These 'queries' differ from those answered by the Yearly Meeting.

'That great and worthy concern of life and conversation, it having been after recommended that all professing [Faith?] might come to have a circumspect life and conversation thereby truth might be honoured by all.
That all mothers and head of families be zealously concerned to be good examples to their children and servants and to train up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord in plainness of apparel and speech and to convenient labour and not in ? of breed and soleness and to advise younger women to be sober minded, not to adorn themselves with costly array or those things which make a great [show?] but either their adorning may be of a ? and quick spirit which is with the Lord. That Friends keep up their testimony at marriage and burial and not to ? to the vain ways of the world in eating and drinking and feasting but rather be bowed in spirit before the Lord, fear and great reverence before him that gives and takes away at his will and pleasure.
That parents be concerned to restrain their children and servants out of the hurtful conversation of those that rather draw them into lightness and vanity than solidity and the fear of the Lord. And that the duty we owe to the Lord, to meet to worship him, that it be duly observed and when we meet that we know that inward travel of spirit before the Lord that may [preserve?] out of that heavy ? and unconcerned spirit that too much prevails upon many.
That due care be given of the poor and that those who the Lord hath given great things of this world, that they may have their hearts open to minister to those that are in want.
That minutes relating to the dress of the head which hath been so often recommended --------to keep to plainness and not to go with the bosom open. To inspect how far the minute is answered that hath been to recommend to friends to keep out of the superfluous part of our fine linen with the superfluity of household stuff of apparel or any other thing what so ever that is not consistent with truth which we omit to particularise.
That liberty be not given to children or servants to go abroad a visiting a ? times, neither to go to fairs without seal lawful business nor to see vain shows, sports or pastimes nor to walk abroad on first days because of inconvenience or danger that may attend it by reason that many loose and vain persons take liberty on such days.'

The remainder of the minutes in the two volumes are formulaic. The minutes for each Quarterly Meeting include lists of representatives from Monthly Meetings in Moate, Mountmellick, Carlow, County Wexford and Dublin. 'Certificates' from Monthly Meetings are received regarding individuals who are on visits or wish to work among members. The queries and answers from each of the Province's Monthly Meetings are read and general answers abstracted for the Yearly Meeting. Epistles from the Yearly Meetings read. Appointment of the committee for the Provincial school and other administrative issues, 2 volumes.
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