CollectionEnniskillen Papers

This collection of 40 volumes and 2350 documents contains numerous title deeds and leases, wills, family pedigrees and numerous family photograph albums, genealogical documents, marriage settlements, estate rentals, lists of tenants. There is a detailed calendar relating to the family correspondence contained in this collection which includes letters to and from numerous female family members, 19th century-20th century. For example:
D/1702/6/4 Visitors' books for Florence Court, the Earls of Enniskillen's family residence in County Fermanagh, 1873-1955.

D/1702/6/9 Visitors' books for Florence Court, 1908-1914.

D/1702/6/18 Visitors' books for Florence Court, 1963-1973.

D/1702/6/11 Visitors' book for the family residence in Kenya, 1918-1954.

D/1702/8/1/1-3 A leather bound sermon for the funeral of Jane, Countess of Enniskillen, 24 May 1855.

D/1702/8/9/1-21 Miscellaneous family history material, compiled by Nancy, Countess of Enniskillen, c1970-1990.

D/1702/9/4 A scrapbook which contains sketches and caricatures of people by Lady Florence Cole, 1864-1903.

D/1702/9/1-2 2 sketch books of Lady Jane Evelyn Cole, 1875; 1878-1889.

D/1702/9/10 Sketches made by Lady Mary Balfour, c1950.

D/1702/10/7 A leather bound diary of Lady Cole, a daughter of the 5th Earl of Enniskillen, c1934.

D/1702/11/12/1-10; D/1702/11/12/13A; D/1702/11/12/B/1-34 Bundles of photographs of Nancy MacLennan, later 6th Countess of Enniskillen, 1930-1949.

D/1702/11/16/1; D/1702/11/17/1-23 2 bundles of photographs of the 6th Earl and Countess of Enniskillen, 1960-1989.

D/1702/12/30/13 A bundle of correspondence of the 3rd Earl of Enniskillen concerning the illness of his first wife, Jane (nee Casamajor), 1855.

D/1702/12/42/1 A personal letter to Lady Cole from her husband concerning their son, John, 1886.

D/1702/12/44/1-29 A bundle of family letters to Lady Kathleen Cole mainly from her younger sister, Lady Florence, 1894, but many of the letters are undated.

D/1702/45/1-44 Letters to the Countess of Enniskillen, wife of the 4th Earl from her eldest son, John while serving in the Boer War, 1901-1902.

D/1702/12/56/1-11 Letters of Nancy MacLennan relating to her career as a journalist with the 'New York Times' and in the United States consular service, 1932-1979.

D/1702/12/59/1-49 Letters from David Lowry Cole to his mother, 1937-1945.

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