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The Annesley papers comprise of c.225 volumes and c.1275 documents. These papers are also available on microfilm, MIC/532 and a detailed calendar is available. The collection includes c.45 volumes of photographic albums, which are closed to the public, but photographic prints are available for consultation only, 1855-1918. The photographs include pictures of Lady John Beresford, 1855; the Countess and Earl Annesley, 1855; numerous Annesley family studies, 19th century; Lady Castlerosse, 1860; Mrs Humphreys, Ballyhaise House, 1859; Countess of Roden, c.1880; the Duchess of Manchester, c.1880; Lady Annesley, c.1880 and Lady Susan Vane Tempest, c.1880.

The Annesley papers also include:
D/1854/5/20 Lady Mabel Annesley's album of small photographs, July 1900.

D/1854/5/26 Lady Mabel Annesley's sketch book, May 1879-1882.

D/1854/8/17 An annual account of family expenses, 1761-1767.

Copy out-letter books of Revd. J.R. Moore, trustee of the Annesley estate. These letter books contain several letters to women, especially to Lady Annesley. For example:

D/1854/6/1 Copy out-letter book of Revd. J.R. Moore, including a letter mentioning qualifications required for a school-mistress, 1839; 2 letters to Mrs Blackwood, Dublin, 1838; 1838-1840.

D/1854/6/2 Copy out-letter book of Revd. J.R. Moore, including a letter to Miss Johnston regarding land in the Newcastle area, 1840; a letter to Lady Dufferin offering the rental of a house in Newcastle, 1840, 1840-1842.

D/1854/6/3 Copy out-letter book of Revd. J.R. Moore, 1838-1844.

D/1854/6/4 Copy out-letter book of Revd. J.R. Moore, 1842-1845.

D/1854/6/5 Copy out-letter book of Revd. J.R. Moore, 1846-1851.

D/1854/6/6 Copy out-letter book of Revd. J.R. Moore, 1846-1850.

D/1854/6/8 A letter from Lady Annesley to her son, Lord Annesley, which notes, 'I need not tell you that the Irish question is still poisoning the minds of the Irish tenants', 8 August 1881.

D/1854/9/8 A diary kept by Lady Annesley on a voyage to India, October 1886 - April 1887.

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