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D/207/23/101-114; D/207/36/ Petition and letters about attempt to get a pension for Mary Beaufort, widow of Revd. Doctor Daniel Beaufort, including correspondence between Maria Edgeworth and Lord Oriel, 1821; letters from Maria Edgeworth about horticulture, 1809-1825.

D/207/19/10-12 Deed between Brabazon Moore of Atherdee, County Louth, and his wife Susanna, relating to her maintenance now they are living apart, with related bonds, 1697.

D/207/20/36,114-115 Account of the expense of the Female Orphan House, Dublin, 1810-1811; letter from Mrs La Touche about financial needs of Orphan House, etc., 1811.

D/207/20/42 Lying-In Hospital, Dublin, receipt and expenditure for year ended 5 January 1811.

D/207/20/49 Letter describing Steevens Hospital, Dublin, as 'a perfect brothel filled with prostitutes ...', 1784.

D/207/20/103 Printed prospectus from the Association for Bettering the Condition of Female Prisoners in the City and County of Dublin, c.1815.

D/207/20/110 Printed Case of Miss Thralfall and her Slaves ... [a slave-owner in Tortola in the Virgin Islands who wished to transport 120 Negro slaves to the Danish island of St Jan] [this document can only be consulted on microfilm, MIC/511/7], 1827.

D/207/20/112-113 Letter from Grace Digges La Touche, Dublin, to John Foster asking for a subscription to the Magdalene Asylum, enclosing a list of subscribers, 1807.

D/207/20/117; D/207/20/120-121 Letters from or about candidates for position as matron to the Lying-In Hospital, 1811.

D/207/22/10 Printed account of 'Scotch Scheme for Clergymen's Widows', late 18th century.

D/207/73 Letters to Lord Oriel from family and friends, Catherine Foster at Ballintra, County Donegal, Lady Dufferin, Harriet, Countess de Salis, Letitia North, Rebecca Foster, Lady Catherine Macartney, etc., 1814-1827.

D/207/23/15 Petition from Margaret Gladwell, widow, to John Foster, describing her distress at decision to break up the Irish Silk Warehouse, in which her husband was agent and herself housekeeper, c.1789.

D/207/23/36 Petition of Margery Callan of Richardstown to Chief Baron Foster for payment of money for stolen yarn, late 18th century.

D/207/23/69 Printed petition of Doctor Francis Hopkins to Governors of Lying-In Hospital, Dublin, for his election as Master, 1807.

D/207/27/49-50 Diary of a female member of an Irish party making the Grand Tour, 1772.

D/207/28/236 Petition to Lord Oriel on behalf of Anne McQuade of Ardee, widow, requesting a set of hackles, 1821.

D/207/28/303 Letter from Lord Oriel stressing that encouragement should be given to female weavers, 1823.

D/207/28/365; D/207/28; D/207/28416; D/207/28427 Letter describing Lady Glengall's encouragement of the growing of flax [?by her tenants], 1823; a copy of letter from Lady Glengall about distributing spinning wheels, 1820.

D/207/28/570 Petition of Mrs Sarah King to the Linen Board asking for a grant towards machinery for her thread manufactory near Enniskillen, 1809.

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Century17th, 18th, 19th

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