Correspondence of Stephen Grehan with his wife, Esther Chichester, 22 April 1882-1 December 1885. Most of these are from Esther previous to her marriage to Stephen Grehan, for example:
22 April 1885, telling of her delight at his letter, `I was feeling so dismal and frightened that your father might prevent you having anything more to say to me.' She is impatient to see him and declares emphatically that she will not enjoy herself until he arrives
Letter, 20 October 1882, thanks Stephen for the violet and little bottle he sent her and discusses marriage plans. She wishes that they could do so quietly without all the fuss and she assures him she will not be discussing their plans with anyone. She explains that when her father declared that he did not consider the engagement was settled and questioned Stephen's capacity to support her she became afraid but Stephen put her at her ease
Letter, 27 October 1882, teases him about his lack of insight into women and jokes if she had accepted a previous suitor `you might have escaped your fate', the wedding presents they received have been discussed and she tells him how she has enjoyed reading `Middlemarch'.
Letter, 27 November 1882, discusses a shopping trip with her aunt in London, she has chosen a dress of white satin and brocade as a wedding dress. She picked out lace as he had instructed her but was not sure how much to spend, `I am in the dark as to what you can afford'
Letter, 30 November 1882, further refers to this lace stating that girls do not wear old lace but rather married women and she feels that wearing it will give her `a cachet of matronliness' which his wife should have. She discusses £1000 worth of invested securities in her name and other invested sums and says that she will soon have 200 more to invest.
There are c51 items in total.

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