The archive contains the following:

St Brigid's Orphanage, printed Annual Reports, 1857-1913.

Payments to nurses accounts for St Brigid's Orphanage, 1869-1870, 1870-1874.

Correspondence of Margaret Aylward to Sr M. Francis Allingham, 1860-1872, 83 letters.

Correspondence of Margaret Aylward from and to the clergy, 1841-1886, 92 letters.

Correspondence, general, 1840-1886, 74 letters.

Material relating to Ada Allingham (Sr M. Francis Allingham) includes spiritual notebook belonging to Ada Allingham, correspondence, sketches and some photographs, c.1869-1890, 20 items.

Personal Letters of Fr John Gowan, these include letters to Margaret Aylward and Ada Allingham, 1853-1896, 134 letters.

Correspondence of Fr John Gowan, copies of letters to, amongst others, Margaret Aylward, no date, 139 letters.

John Gowan, biographical notes, includes, for example, the twenty-ninth report of St Brigid's Orphanage written by Fr Gowan, c.1847-1897, 35 items.

John Gowan, Draft notes includes drafts of the cleric's lectures includes, for example,' Fr Gowan's approval of ladies now admitted to the medical faculty'; draft of an article defending the Holy Faith schools in remaining independent of the Board of Education, c.11 items.

Biography and correspondence of John Steiner, includes material on St Brigid's orphanage, and letters to various sisters in the community, 1878-1967, c.27 items.

Agnes Vickers, correspondence, about the death of Margaret Aylward, sisters in Mulilnavat in County Kilkenny, 1890-1907, 87 letters.

Correspondence relating to the Trinidad Foundation 1946-1969, 20 letters.

Correspondence of the Catholic Board to Director of Education, Trinidad, 1947. 3 items, includes details of salaries to be paid to the Sisters.

Correspondence to and from Fr Francis Flavin re Trinidad Foundation, 1947-1948, 7 letters.

Correspondence of Colmcille Kilgallon, about the foundation in Trinidad, the Sisters setting out for Trinidad, community news, etc., 1947-1948, 11 letters.

Documents, 'Pioneer Sisters', about the journey to Trinidad and life in the new community, 1947-1948, 11 letters.

Documents relating to the foundation in Siparia, 1952-1954, 9 letters.

Trinidad, miscellaneous box includes, a 'letter of instruction' for the Sisters in Trinidad, receipts for money, newscuttings, c.1947-1990, 57 items.

Documents about foundations in New Zealand and Australia, 1953-1984, c.160 letters.

Documents about the American foundations1953-1990, 77 items, including a large quantity of letters.

Documents about foundations in Peru and El Salvador, 1986-1995, 51 items.

Catalogue of books in the archives available. Library contains books on religion, lives of the saints, education, English literature, books used in Holy Faith Schools, works in Latin, Greek, French, Hebrew, Italian, and Spanish, history, geography, commerce, logic, philosophy, politics, law, science, astronomy, electricity, botany, chemistry, music, farming, domestic science, medicine and health and art.

There is also a 2 volume file list of 'Biographies of deceased sisters'.

Correspondence to and from Paul Cullen, photocopies and typed copies of letters from Cullen to Aylward about St Brigid's Orphanage, Aylward's imprisonment, donations to the orphanage, circular from Paul Cullen to Vicars General of Dublin ordering the visitation of convents, and pastoral letters of Cullen, 1860, 1863, 1864, 1865, 1866, etc. 1856-1873, c.74 items.

McCabe/Kirby correspondence to and from Margaret Aylward 1860-1890, 78 letters.

John Curtis correspondence with Margaret Aylward, c.1845-1884, c.21 items. Includes, thoughts on 'vocation to Religious life',

Business letters of Margaret Aylward, 1860-1889, c.115 letters.

Aylward family, private letters, 1831-1899, c.48 items.

Aylward family, private letters, c.1834-1888, c 85 items.

Miscellaneous letters, various people, 1852-1926, 40 items.

Mary Mathews, court case 1858-1861, 46 items including correspondence, newscuttings, and legal documents.

Correspondence about the orphanage, c.1847-1997, c.63 items, including, for example, 'Rules of the Ladies Association of Charity of St Vincent de Paul, established in Waterford in 1847', in Aylward's writing; 'To Sr M. Francis from a mother, Mary Edith Mills, demanding that her daughter, five years in St Brigid's, be sent out to her in Melbourne where she has since married and has two children, 29 January 1890'; printed 'Instructions for nurses of St Brigid's Orphans', first edition 1859, 2nd edition 1899; various letters about orphans, the first register of St Brigid's Orphanage.

Orphanage, documents and books 1853-1917, 31 items, includes 'Second annual report of the Catholic Ragged Schools, 1853, printed; Ladies' Association of Charity of St Vincent de Paul, printed annual reports, 1852-1861; case history of the orphans1874-1875, placement of orphans, names and address of nurses, 1917; account book 'payment to nurses', 1869-1874, 1870-1874; small ledger 1890/1891; case histories of children admitted to the orphanage1892, 1894; various collection books for subscriptions and donations.

Correspondence, Rome, decrees, 1869-1988, 39 items, includes, 'Copies of the first vows of Our Holy Foundress and of Sister Mary Vickers'; 'Constitutions and Rules observed by the Sisters from the year 1910'.

Margaret Aylward foundress, c.1859-1967, 41 items, includes 'Typed history of the Congregation'; 'Rule for Sundays and Holidays, August 13th 1852'; 'Congregation of St Brigid', written by Margaret Aylward.

History, congregation, includes accounts made by the Sisters of the Congregation, some containing accounts of different foundations, c.1895-1983, includes manuscript and typed copy of Sr M. Rose Gauran's account of the history of the Congregation; a manuscript account of the Boarding school, day school and primary school, Glasnevin, 1914; a little notebook belonging to Sr M. Benignus, 1895-1913.

Fr Gowan, lectures, no date, 6 items, includes very old typed copies of lectures given to the Sisters by Fr Gowan.

Mullinavat foundation, correspondence, 1876-1908, 70 items, includes correspondence, legal affairs, dispute with clergy in Mullinavat.

Mullinavat, lands at Ballycluskey, 1879-1903, 15 items includes letting agreements.

Aylward property, residence,1818-1985, 32 items, includes leases, wills, maps and indentures.

Glasnevin foundation, history, large book, scrapbook type.

Glasnevin foundation, early days, 1859-1984, 45 items, includes spelling book edited by the Sisters and used in their schools; memoriam cards, correspondence.

Glasnevin, miscellaneous documents, c.1893-1989.

Glasnevin, assorted fragments, 1966-1998, 34 items, includes old maps of Glasnevin statistics of the community 1946, financial matters.

Old magazines, persons and events, 1864-1989, 86 items.

Congregation, centenary, 1967, 19 items.

Centenary, Margaret Aylward, 1952-1989, 29 items, including various pamphlets on Aylward; documents re. St Brigid's Orphanage.

Eccles Street convent, orphanage1865-1989, 22 items, includes letters relating to the Orphanage, copies of orphanage reports and photographs.

Account books, orphanage, Ladies of Charity 1834-1901, 8 items, including, ledger of the Ladies of Charity 1844-1852; records of the meetings and financial position of the Ladies of Charity, 1904-1937; Names and address of sick poor people, naming illness and the type of care given by each of the Sisters in St Brigid's, 1877-1894; account book of St Brigid's orphanage, 1879-1890.

Scrap albums, school reports, 19th to 20th century, 13 items includes specimens of needlework taught in the national Schools; inspector's observation book, St Brigid's, Haddington Road, 1918-1950.

Constitutions, Vatican II, 1910-1989, c.45 items, includes, 'Rule book of the Sisters of the Holy Faith', 1910; 'Minute details for modification of the habit, 1967'.

Old magazines, persons, events, 1909-1994, 32 items.

AccessThe material in this repository is privately held. Access to the material is limited and at the discretion of the archivist. To have your application for access considered please contact the archives, giving precise details of your research project.
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