CollectionLissadell Papers

168 boxes of papers of the Gore-Booth family. Much of this collection can only be consulted on microfilm, MIC/590/Reels 1-11. A detailed calendar of this collection is available. This collection includes:
Genealogical notes and numerous deeds and leases, many relating to female family members, 18th, 19th, 20th century.

2 volumes of Lissadell reminiscences by Thomas Kilgannon, butler, and S.A.W. Waters, 1804-1990.

Letters to Hannah Lady Gore Booth from her agent Benjamin Booth, 1818-1829.

A damp press letter book containing letters from Lady Gore-Booth and Miss Gabrielle Gore-Booth, 1943-1956.

A notebook of Miss Aideen Gore-Booth's draft memoirs, no date.

Letters from Lady Emily Palmerston to Sir Robert Gore-Booth, 1827-1868.

A small notebook of Caroline Susan, 2nd wife of Sir Robert Gore-Booth, in which she records the date, addressee and destination of her out-letters, 1835-1850.

A series of 39 small, pocket sized diaries kept by Isabella Gore-Booth, mainly relating to domestic and social matters, 1835-1879 (with exceptions).

4 letters to Lady Hannah Gore-Booth from her elder son, Robert, 1845-1864.

Letters to Lady Hannah Gore-Booth from her daughter, Anne, 1833-1864.

Letters to Lady Hannah Gore-Booth from Revd. Robert McGhee, 1841-1850.

Letters to Lady Hannah Gore-Booth from her grandchildren, 1841-1867.

Letters to Lady Hannah Gore-Booth from Miss H.G. Irwin, 1844-1850.

Letters to Lady Hannah Gore-Booth from her daughter in law, Caroline Susan, 1845-1864.

Letters to Lady Hannah Gore-Booth from her sister in law, Martha Sarah Irwin, 1857-1860.

Letters to Lady Hannah Gore-Booth from and about her sister, Mrs Nicola E. Smyth, 1860-1867.

Letters to Lady Hannah Gore-Booth from and about her son, Henry and his wife, Isabella, 1851-1874 (with exceptions).

Letters to Lady Hannah Gore-Booth from the female Wynnes of Hazelwood and the female Coopers of Markree Castle, 1846-1859.

Notes in Lady Gore-Booth's handwriting about her testamentary wishes, c.1851-1852.

Recipes and cures found amongst Lady Gore-Booth's papers, c.1810-1860s.

Letters to Lady Hannah Gore-Booth from estate agents, 1840s-1860s.

Personal letters to Lady Gore-Booth, including some relating to Lissadell Church and Milltown School, 1866-1899.

2 letters to Lady Gore-Booth about famine relief in the Sligo area, 1886.

Letters and papers of Sir Henry Gore-Booth from the committee of Miss Henrietta Westenra, a lunatic, 1888-1889,1893.

A tour journal of Frances Mary Foljambe, 1867-1872 .

2 boxes of letters and papers of Sir Josselyn and lady Gore-Booth relating to their efforts to forward the war effort in County Sligo, 1914-1916.

A box of letters to Mary, Lady Gore-Booth, née L'Estrange, c.1890-1921.

Sketch pads and newscuttings of and relating to Constance Markievicz (née Gore-Booth), 1883-1968; 1994.

Letters to Constance Markievicz from her husband, Casimir Count Markievicz, his son, Staskow, and their daughter, Maeve, 1927-1960.

A box of typescript copies of letters from Constance Markievicz to her sister, Eva written from the various prisons where she was held for her part in the 1916 Rising as well as other offences, 1916-1926.

An envelope of letters and telegrams etc. describing Constance Markievicz's last days as a patient in Sir Patrick Dunn's hospital, Dublin, along with letters of condolence on her death, 1927.

4 envelopes of photographs of Constance Gore-Booth (later Markievicz) as a child, debutante, art student, bride, actress, mother, member of the Irish Citizen Army and on her return to Dublin in 1917, c.1880s-1920s.

Family photographs, late 19th-20th century.

2 sketchpads of Eva Gore-Booth, with drawings and watercolours, 1920.

27 notebooks, including sketches and poems by Eva Gore-Booth, and others, c.1890s-1925.

Lectures given by Eva Gore-Booth at Pinehurst Quaker School for girls, c.1910-1916.

Miscellaneous writings of Eva Gore-Booth, such as a typescript of an unpublished play by Eva Gore-Booth, entitled 'Fiametta' and an unfinished novel by her, c.1930s

Pamphlets and journals containing articles by Eva Gore-Booth, 1889-1950.

A diary of Eva Gore-Booth, describing her trip to the West Indies and North America, 1894.

Cuttings and photographs of Eva Gore-Booth, as a child, as a young woman and in later life, c.1890s-c.1920s.

Letters to Eva Gore-Booth from her father, late 19th century.

19 letters to Eva Gore-Booth from A.E. Russell, 1898-1916.

Letters to Eva Gore-Booth from her sister, Constance, c.1915.

Letters to Eva Gore-Booth from her life long friend, Esther Roper, 1926-1934.

39 letters from Eva Gore-Booth to her brother, Sir Josselyn Gore-Booth, 1902-1919.

An envelope of correspondence relating to Sir Roger Casement, including a letter to the Prime Minister from Hanna Sheehy Skeffington which was finished by Eva Gore-Booth, asking for clemency for Casement, 1916-1918.

A box of letters from Lady Gore-Booth from Sir Josselyn Gore-Booth, c.1907-1939.

Letters from Lady Gore-Booth from John L'Estrange, 1941-1944; 1957-c.1968.

Letters from Lady Gore-Booth from daughters, Aideen, Bridget, Gabrielle and Rosaleen and her sons, Michael and Angus, as well as papers about the Lissadell school of needlework, c.1910-c.1968.

A box of letters and papers of Miss Gabrielle and Miss Aideen Gore-Booth, c.1940-1992.

7 day and consumption books for Lissadell House, County Sligo, detailing the number of people dining with their names and date of arrival and departure, 1851-1854; 1878-1881; 1895-1943.

3 wages books detailing quarterly wages to household staff such as cooks, 1840-1873. One of these books relates specifically to women in employ, such as the housekeeper, scullery maids etc., 1846-1860.

Miscellaneous bundle of accounts, including those for Lissadell School of Needlework, 1909.

Photographs of various members of the Gore-Booth family, including Constance Gore-Booth (later Markievicz) as a young girl and in her teens, c.1860-1890.

Photograph album of Frances Mary Foljambe (mother of Mary, Lady Gore-Booth), 1867-1873.

Family photograph albums containing pictures of Mary, Lady Gore-Booth, Aideen and Gabrielle Gore-Booth, Lady Fanny Hill, Maeve Markievicz, Eva, Constance and Mabel Gore-Booth, as well as various friends, such as Lady Harriet L'Estrange, Louisa Coote and Rachel Mansfield, 1886-1940s.

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