3 bound handwritten volumes of 278 pages of reminiscences and autobiography of Doctor James Nevin of Ballymoney, County Antrim, 1902-1936. Nevin trained as a doctor in Glasgow and his memoirs contain numerous descriptions of midwifery cases which he attended, as well as notes on female family members and members of local families. For example:
Volume 2, page 5, 'My first 'confinement' in the district [of Ballymoney] was that of Mrs. Saml. Elliot of Glemylough, on the 11th of March [18]'83...It was a very cold night and not too comfortable a house. Towards the end of a short forceps...the case was completed to my satisfaction, and I visited the patient afterwards...My fee was 10/ ... My next confinement was on the 24th of March - Mrs. Brawley...Her husband was a tailor ... At this case I thought that the women in attendance were inclined to dictate rather too much, but no doubt that was largely owing to me being a stranger to all of them. This case was a primipara, and I completed it all well, and for which I received 10/., so I was earning something', no date.

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