CollectionKathleen Coyle Papers
Collection DescriptionPapers of Kathleen Coyle (c.1883-1952), author of 18 books, including 13 novels. The collection consists of complete and incomplete drafts of short stories and novels, both published and unpublished and correspondence, including letters to A. Morice-Kerne, Professor of French and English Literature at the University of Rennes, correspondence with various publishers and with her daughter, Michelle Ripley. The material is arranged in a series of folders in an archival box.

The following is a selection of some of the material which is available:

Section A(i): 2 incomplete drafts, with an additional 2 incomplete drafts and notes for Kathleen Coyle's book, 'Magical Realm', no date.

Section A(ii): 1 complete draft and 4 incomplete drafts for Kathleen Coyle's book, 'Absence', no date.

Section A(iii): A plan for Kathleen Coyle's proposed book on Rimbaud, including 3 drafts and numerous translations of Rimbaud's poems with Kathleen Coyle's notes on these poems and for her novel, no date. Section A(iv), sample manuscripts and notes for Kathleen Coyle's work on Joan of Arc, no date.

Section B(i): Complete drafts for 24 short stories by Kathleen Coyle, such as 'Community Girls'; 'Intimate Ordeal', 'With the best intentions', 'Make up your mind' and 'I was Cleopatra', no date.

Section B(ii): Incomplete drafts for 10 short stories by Kathleen Coyle, including 'The Quarrel', 'Marriage' and 'Childhood in Brittany', no date.

Section D: A folder of historical and literary notes by Kathleen Coyle and a folder of miscellaneous typescript pages from various short stories and novels by Kathleen Coyle including 'Paris with Proust', 'To the Lighthouse' and 'I was Cleopatra', no date.

Section E: Personal and business papers of Kathleen Coyle, including, for example:
Section E(i): A folder of photocopied letters from Kathleen Coyle to Professor A Morice-Kerne, December 1931-March 1937. Topics covered include the publication and translation of Kathleen Coyle's work into French by Morice-Kerne and Louisette Maroger as well as Coyle's family life. For example:
A letter from Kathleen Coyle, Paris to Professor A Morice-Kerne which notes, 'it will amuse you to know, I am going to try to write a play! I have always wanted to write a play for the Irish Players - but this one is placed in Russia and I am going to do it in collaboration with a Russian woman who is quite extraordinary', 6 March 1933.

A letter from Kathleen Coyle in Paris to Professor A Morice-Kerne which notes, 'You will begin to lose faith in me! The truth is that I have such a load of work upon my hands that it forces me to neglect everybody', 8 April 1933.

A letter from Kathleen Coyle in Paris to Professor A Morice-Kerne which notes, 'Paris is not so hot now and, oddly enough, I am quite resigned at being here. I cannot afford a holiday until I get through a certain amount of work and I am unfortunate enough not to be able to work and play at the same time, therefore I have to stick here and get the work done', 9 August 1934.

A letter from Kathleen Coyle in Paris to Professor A Morice-Kerne, 'I am passing through a devastating period...On top of all this my work goes more slowly than it ought. I begin to feel that it and life and everything may overwhelm me one of these days. There is such terrible suffering in the world and we are passing through a period when Evil is an ascension to such an extent that individuals are being broken. Who am I that I should escape where others do not escape', 19 April 1935.

Section E(ii): A folder of personal correspondence of Kathleen Coyle, December 1937-April 1951, with additional correspondence, no date. The letters are mainly between Kathleen Coyle and her children, Mical and Kestral concerning financial positions, etc.

Section E(iii): A folder of business correspondence of Kathleen Coyle, January 1938-May 1952. The letters includes correspondence with various publishers, such as Kathleen Farrell, Director of Gilbert Wright regarding the publication and sale of Coyle's work and 2 copies of a letter from Rebecca West encouraging Coyle to pursue a literary career, no date.

Section F: A folder of printed matter, containing a copy of Kathleen Coyle's 'A flock of birds' 1930 and photocopy of 'There is a door' (1931).

Section G: A folder of Kathleen Coyle's daughter, Michelle Ripley's correspondence with John Cronin and John McBride concerning the latter's MA thesis on Kathleen Coyle and with Sam Hanna Bell, Paul Muldoon, Robert Greacon and E.P. Dutton and Company (publishers) regarding a proposed British Broadcasting Corporation radio programme and the publication of 2 articles on Kathleen Coyle and a copy of Jane Watters will, 1882.

Section H: Short stories and poems by writers including 'Morning in Florida' by Marion Cross and 'Root and Branch', the complete poems of Judith Sidola.

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