1 volume of assize records of case histories for proceedings of cruelty, probate disputes and cases brought for the defamation of character etc., 1819-c.1838. For example:

Notes on a case brought by Mary Robinson against her husband, Thomas, 'for Cruelty and Interim Alimony...the Wife sues for a Divorce on the plea of Cruelty...the Husband demands a Divorce on the Plea of Adultery, and if proved and Divorce decreed he is exempted from the Payment of Permanent Alimony'. The evidence presented in this case is detailed and Mary Robinson's allegations of cruelty were not supported by the court on the grounds that the attack 'took place nearly two years ago before the complaint was lodged - and protection claimed...until a very short time previous to the commencement of the present suit - the parties had lived together as man and wife, living in the same House and sleeping in the same Bed...[the] Wife's fears of either Life or Health were not very strong or well grounded...Moreover in forming our decision in this case we are to consider whether her own conduct did not provoke her Husband to acts of severity'. Divorce not decreed, 'But I must decree her a separation from him. And I think tis happy for him so to be released altho' afforded with a considerable expense and anxiety...Let him consider the satisfaction he must having his children removed from a Woman whose life has been a scandal to herself and to him - and whose example would be ruinous to them. The vices of the Mother will hang like a mill stone about the prospects of these young - much injured Females. On the Father it diminish if not entirely remove the evil consequences of the Mother's notorious character', 10 August 1891.

Notes on a suit for defamation brought by Mary Anderson against Mr Haliday who alleged she had 'gone at night to the home of a man...who was living singly, his wife having left him, and that it must have been for whoring and blackguarding. ...It is an important duty of these Courts to interpose for the protection especially of female character by compelling the defamer to make a public acknowledgement of his fault and to pay the costs by bringing him to a public trial...and it is accordingly the judgement of this Court, that the Impungant...shall perform the customary act of penance before the Clergyman of the Parish of Donaghmore...and pay the costs of the suit', no date.

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