CollectionNorthern Ireland Ministry of Labour Records

The records of the Northern Ireland Ministry of Labour include friendly society records, for example:
Lurgan Hemmers, Veiners' and General Women Workers' Trade Union Approved Society:
LAB/1/22/1 Minute book, 1924-1948.

Approved Societies Sickness Visitation Committee:
LAB/1/3/1-3 3 Minute Books, 1933-1936; 1936-1938 and 1938-1947.

Belfast Co-operative Health Insurance Society:
LAB/1/5/1-22 22 Minute Books, 1914-1947.

Flax Roughers Yarn Spinners and Other Workers' Friendly Society:
LAB/1/14/1-2 2 Minute Books, 1921-1926 and 1926-1948.

Linen Workers' Insurance Society - District Delegates:
LAB/1/19/1 Minute book, 1918-1926.

LAB/1/19/2-4 3 Minute Tooks and treasurers' reports, 1926-1932; 1932-1936 and 1939-1937.

Linen Workers' Insurance Society - General:
LAB/1/20/1-2 2 Minute Books, 1912-1918 and 1936-1939.

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CommentSome of the information listed from this repository has been extracted from lists available in the archives. The lists were compiled by Public Record Office of Northern Ireland staff and we are grateful for their assistance. It must be remembered that due to time constraints not all items in this repository were examined individually.