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45 reels of microfilmed copies of the records of the Religious Society of Friends in Ulster, 1674-1981. The records are from Lisburn, Lurgan and Antrim in County Antrim, Richill and Ballyhagen in County Armagh, Grange near Charlemont in County Tyrone and Cootehill in County Monaghan. The records comprise of registers of births, marriages and deaths, wills and inventories, monthly minutes from meetings from the mid 17th Century onwards, copies of removal certificates, sufferings and testimonies of disunity. For example:

MIC/16/1A Minutes of Province/Quarterly meetings, 10 November 1674-14 August 1693.

MIC/16/1B Minutes of Province/Quarterly meetings 1 October 1694-14 July 1717; 26 August 1717; 28 February 1750; 6 May 1751; 17 November 1770; 12 February 1785; 8 June 1801; 7 March 1801; 3 March 1823.

MIC/16/2 Minutes of Province/Quarterly meetings, 8 March 1824-9 June 1845; 8 September 1845-6 March 1865; 4 March 1861-7 January 1877.

MIC/16/3 Minutes of Province/Quarterly meetings, 18 March 1878-28 October 1918; 6 January 1919-17 March 1956.

MIC/16/4 Minutes of Province/Quarterly meetings, 9 June 1956-23 June 1972 (closed until 2003); Women's Minutes of Province/Quarterly meetings, 18 January 1792-17 December 1801; 7 March 1825-4 March 1839; 3 December 1827-4 September 1854; 20 March 1882-21 March 1898.

MIC/16/6 Marriage certificates 17 October 1731-2 November 1786; marriage register, 20 February 1812-19 July 1848; book of sufferings, 1748-1809; register of births and burials, 1841-1858; proceedings of yearly meeting with minutes of the committee of Ulster Provincial School, 8 December 1823-4 June 1827; register of deaths, 1775-1793; family records, 1709-1816.

MIC/16/7 Register of tithe sufferings of Friends in the province of Ulster, 1706-1711; treasurer's account book for Ulster Quarterly Meeting 1814-1879, 1879-1925 and 1921-1965; manual of funds and trust property belonging to Society of Friends within the compass of the Ulster Quarterly Meeting, 1893; printed set of rules for Ulster Bounty Fund, 1913.

MIC/16/16 Minutes of Women's Meetings, Lisburn, 12 September 1793-12 February 1800; 8 August 1813-8 March 1857.

MIC/16/18 Record Book recording testimonies against members in Lisburn, 1703-1842.

MIC/16/19 Indexed record book of marriages, 1766-1808 and births, 1781-1814; removal certificates, 1766-1820; burials for Lisburn, 1747-1811; indexed marriage register for Lisburn, 1817-1847; 1846-1904; 1905-1937 and 1931-1971; marriage certificates for Lisburn, 1766 and 1803-1809; church cess receipts for Lisburn, 1815 and 1830; settlement and removal register for Lisburn, 1820-1856 and 1856-1883; extract from the will of John Hoope in which he mentions female family members, late 18th Century.

MIC/16/20 Removal certificates received book for Lisburn, 1864-1904; disownment and admission register for Lisburn, 1842-1903; miscellaneous letters for Lisburn, 1750-1853.

MIC/16/21 Record book of sufferings for Lisburn, 1811-1861; Treasurer's account books for Lisburn, 1789-1834; Minutes of Poor Committee for Lisburn, 1806-1832.

MIC/16/22 Burial register of Lisburn Monthly Meeting, 1812-1982; birth register of Lisburn Monthly Meeting, 1812-1981; register of members of Lisburn Monthly Meeting, 1794-1980.

MIC/16/23 Testimonies acknowledging misconduct for Lisburn Society of Friends, 1801-1841; papers relating mainly to proposed marriages for Lisburn, 1764-1844; accounts of tithes taken for Lisburn Society of friends, 1814-c.1862; miscellaneous letters, 1759-1832; requests for admission to the Society of Friends, 1775 and 1814-1852; letters of resignation from the Society of Friends, 1801 and 1809; minute book of Lisburn Monthly Meeting on Ministry and Oversight, 1935-1958.

MIC/16/29A Women's Minutes of Lurgan Monthly Meeting, 20 September 1794-16 July 1796, 20 August 1796-14 May 1803 and 19 May 1827-8 March 1838.

MIC/16/29B Record book, number 1, containing testimonies against Quakers in Lurgan, 1673-1700; indexed copies of marriage certificates for Lurgan, 1670-1715 and 1741-1768, the will of Katherine McGee of Lurgan, with a note of how her goods were distributed, no date, records of births for Lurgan 1664-1762 and an indexed register of deaths for Lurgan, 1632-1753; Record book number 2, 1735-1806, containing records of births, marriages, 1715-1763 and 1763-1811, deaths for Lurgan, c1735-1806, marriage certificate book for Lurgan Monthly Meeting, 1715-1811, 1812-1848, 1845-1912 and 1912-1936, the latter two include members for Lurgan, Bessbrook, Portadown and Moyallen.

MIC/16/30 Removal certificate book for Lurgan, 1796-1862, 1864-1894 and 1894-1914.

MIC/16/31 Removal certificate book for Lurgan, 1914-1955 and removal and admission certificate book for Lurgan 1863-1883.

MIC/16/32 Removal and admission certificate book for Lurgan, 1883-1902 and acknowledgement of removal book for Lurgan, 1809-1891.

MIC/16/33 Testimonies of disownment for Lurgan, 1688-1796; a list of members for Lurgan, c1810-c.1883 and accounts of sufferings for Lurgan, 1812-c.1868.

MIC/16/36 Women's minutes of Grange meeting, near Charlemont, 23 October 1822 - 22 March 1837 and 24 May 1837 - 20 September 1854.

MIC/16/37 Women's minutes of Grange meeting, near Charlemont, 22 November 1854-5 August 1855; record book of testimonies against Quakers of Grange, 1686-1784.

MIC/16/38 Family record book containing historical account of the Grange meeting from 1657 and records of births, deaths of members of meeting, arranged by family, 1653-1814; copies of four marriage certificates, 1810-1814; an account book of Grange meeting, 1899-1948; a register of births for Grange, 1812-1923; a register of burials for Grange, 1813-1848 and 1847-1937 (from 1924 marriages also relate to Richill with which Grange meeting was amalgamated); testimonies for disownment from Grange meeting, 1755-1784; register of certificates for removal, 1861-1879; register of sufferings, removals and testimonies of disunity, 1810-1861; family records containing details of births, marriages and deaths arranged by family for Grange meeting, 1725-1805; register of members of Grange meeting, 1846-1883; accounts for Grange, 1733-1740 and account book for Grange meeting, 1834-1889.

MIC/16/39 Account book relating to Women's Poor Relief for Ballyhagan meeting, 1695-1745 (Richill meeting took over from Ballyhagen meeting in 1793); wills and inventories for Ballyhagen, 1685-1740; family lists giving details of births and occasionally of burials for Ballyhagen and Richill, c1680-1814; marriage certificates for Ballyhagen, 1692-1789; a book of testimonies of disunity, Ballyhagen and Richill, 1708-1813; loose papers, mainly testimonies of disunity for Ballyhagen, 1729, 1743, c1770 and 1784-1797; an account book of Ballyhagen monthly meetings, 1714-1834 with details on the library of Richill monthly meeting, 1714-1766 and details of books borrowed, c.1824-1834.

MIC/16/42 Women's minutes of Richill meeting, 25 January 1866-6 January 1879, 8 January 1880-8 December 1887; minutes of monthly meetings of ministry and oversight for Richill, 5 March 1914-12 September 1952; marriage register for Richill, 1847-1913; indexed birth notes, 1878-1919; indexed birth register for Richill, 1812-1878; indexed burial register, 1812-1920 and indexed marriage certificates, 1816-1850.

MIC/16/43 Women's minutes for Antrim meeting, 9 May 1794-8 November 1800; volume containing testimonies of disownment, letters of condemnation, certificates of removal, 1758-1800; register of marriages, 1768-1777; register of births, 1751-1800; register of deaths, 1741-1797, and details on the discontinuance of Toberhead meeting, 1796.

MIC/16/44-45 scrapbook of the Society of Friends, 1862-1974.

A useful guide is Olive C. Goodbody, 'A Guide to Irish Quaker Records, 1654-1860', (Dublin, 1967).

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