CollectionDe Ros Papers

MIC/573/1 Microfilmed diary of Lady Frances Hanbury-Williams, largely detailing her social life, 1735-1746.

MIC/573/21 Microfilmed account book of Lady Frances Hanbury-Williams, 1735-1746.

MIC/573/1 Microfilmed daily journals, in shorthand, of Charlotte Boyle Walsingham and account book, 1779-1786.

MIC/573/21 Microfilmed copy of Charlotte Boyle Walsingham's notebook of a tour of Winchester, etc., 1784.

MIC/573/7 Microfilmed diary of Frances Charlotte Fitzgerald de Ros, with details of social events, 1848-1849.

MIC/573/9 Microfilmed copy of Frances Charlotte Fitzgerald de Ros' account of a European tour, 1848-1849.

MIC/573/9 Microfilmed account by ?Maude Dawson of a trip to Belgium with her father, including a visit to Waterloo, 1898.

MIC/573/10 Microfilmed letters to Lady Sophia Fitzgerald from members of her family, 1772-1833.

MIC/573/10 Microfilmed miscellaneous correspondence of Emily, Dowager Duchess of Leinster, including letters from her sister, Lady Louisa Conolly, 1791-1812.

MIC/573/10 Microfilmed letter from Lady Louisa Conolly to her sister, Lady Sarah Bunbury, about Lady Susan Fox-Strangeway's elopement with Mr O'Brien, 1764.

MIC/573/10; MIC/573/19 Microfilmed letters to Lady Georgiana de Ros from family and friends, including Emily Eden from India, Lady Bathurst, Lady Westminster, the Duke of Wellington, etc., 1811-1891.

MIC/573/16 Microfilmed letters to Blanche de Ros (Mrs Swinton) from family and friends, c.1838-1909.

MIC/573/17 Microfilmed letters from Elizabeth, Lady de Ros, including from her mother, Margaret, Countess of Wilton, c.1854-1891.

MIC/573/17-18 Microfilmed miscellaneous letters to Mae de Ros, Lady Dartrey, and her daughter, Maude Dawson, c.1869-1920.

MIC/573/20-21 Microfilmed papers relating to the calling of the de Ros barony out of abeyance in favour of Charlotte Fitzgerald in 1806, and in favour of Una Mary Ross in 1943.

MIC/573/21 Microfilmed divorce papers of John, Lord de Ros, from Ann, his wife, on the grounds of her adultery, c.1675.

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Century18th, 19th, 20th

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