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DescriptionSchools and Education:
QMII/H7 Minutes of Munster Provincial School Committee, 1839-1855.
Minutes contain Reports from the Superintending Committee of the Provincial School, which detail the numbers of boys and girls in attendance, the numbers seeking admission and the physical condition of the school building and any proposed alterations. Reports from the Examining Committees concerning the education of the children and Report by the Women Friends Examining Committee regarding girls' education, details of expenditure by the Board, annual subscriptions, resolutions by the Provincial School Committee following advice received from the other committees. In some instances the names, date of birth and parental details of the children seeking admission to the school are included, 1 volume.

QMII/H8 Proceedings of the Munster Provincial School Committee, 1847-1855.
Minutes contain reports by the Superintending Committee; brief financial report. Report by accounts committee, which details full annual charge to be paid for each child attending the school, 1 volume.

QMII/H9 Rules for the Regulations of the Provincial School (undated). Contains nineteen general rules concerning children suitable for admission to the school, for example 'The School to be under the direction and management of a committee of men and women friends', instructions for Superintendents, nine rules, approximately twelve 'advises' to the children in attendance, 1 volume.

QMII/H10 Rules for the Government of Munster Provincial School, Dublin 1837, housed in Waterford Meeting House, 1 volume.
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