CollectionReligious Society of Friends Papers

Copies of the records of the Society of Friends, Lisburn and Dublin. For example:
T/1062/48/1-67 Copy of a Book of Sufferings for County Meath, Cavan, Down and Antrim, 1706-1711; copies of extracts from minutes of half yearly meetings in Dublin, containing letters and answers to queries from the Ulster Province Meeting, 1693-1715; portions of a Birth Register and Burial Registers, 1733-1809; a book of family records, 1709-1816 and deaths, 1775-1793.

T/1062/1/36 Copies of wills of male Quakers which mention bequests to female relations etc., 1685-1740. For example:
T/1062/1/8 Will of William Steer of Leggatory in parish of Killmore, Armagh, 'I ordeane and apoynt my wife to be mine onely executor In wife shall have one third part of my houses and lands during her naturall life...I doe give unto my daughter Hannah four score ten pounds of like current be paid...when she cometh to the age of nineteen yeares', 28 May 1685.

T/1062/1/11 Will of Ffrancis Winter of Muloughdroy, Kilmore, Armagh, 'if my daughter Ann doe take her mothers and alsoe her guaerdens or over seers...counsiell and advice in her life and alsoe in disposing herselfe in marriage [sic] and keep in the feare of the Lord which is my harty disiere for her itt will be more valeue to her then [sic] all that I have to laeve her which is the earnast disiere and braething of my soull unto the Lord for her and if my siad daughter live and behave herself and as aforesaid then I give and bequeath unto her the sume of thirty pounds sterling when she cometh to the age of eighteen years or when shee happeneth to marry and her mother my dear wife shall have the benefitt of the said thirty pounds for her to bring up my said doughter [sic] with needfull learning for one of her circumstance as her over seers shall think fitt untill she be at the aforesaid age or marry', 25 May 1700.

T/1062/1/13 Will of William Coats, 'I give to my wife the third share...together with her bed and bedding and houseall goods in my house...I will and disier the meeting of Ballyhagen [sic] to take them into ther care and see that things be done according to this my word...I disier that my wife shall not dispose nor sell her or their interest of there houlding of house and land without takeing the advice of the said meeting and to acquainte them before shee offer itt to any upon that account and if the said meeting see it convenient to be sold that what is gotten for the same is to be equaly divided in three partes to my wife[,] son and daughter', 11 August 1697.

A useful guide is Olive C. Goodbody, A Guide to Irish Quaker Records, 1654-1860 (Dublin, 1967).

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