CollectionMeath Diocesan Registry

Diocesan accounts, 1881-1936

Diocesan accounts, schedule of payments, 1911-1958

Incorporated Society Minutes, Athlone, regarding school, 1839

Parochial balances

Baptisms and burials in various parishes, 1879-1884, 7 volumes

Baptisms and burials in various parishes, manuscript returns, 1877

Lord George Beresford, Archbishop of Armagh, collection of 143 letters

Lord George Beresford, Archbishop of Armagh, letters sent to him relating to the diocese of Meath, 1824-1858

Lord George Beresford, Archbishop of Armagh, (see also college, St Columba's Wilson's Hospital]

Lord George Beresford, Archbishop of Armagh, collection of 225 letters to and from US,1920-1961

Francis V Browne, St Andrew's Dublin, marriage licences granted

Memoir of Revd. Richard Butler by his widow, privately printed

Calendar of Registry documents, 1912-1959, titled 'Mr Adderley's Index Book', probably compiled by the Archdeacon E.A. Stopford, son of Bishop of Stopford. All the original documents were destroyed in the Four Courts, 1922

Cautions, file

Census returns, Protestants in parishes c.1802, (printed in the Irish Ancestor, 1973), manuscript returns for 1877,1897, 1909

Charleton Charity, printed scheme, 1895, 1900, 1926

Copy will of Thomas Charleton, Attorney General V Charleton

Chetwode's and Sterarne's Charity, printed scheme, 1894

Choral Festival, 1878-1882, press cuttings

Lists of confirmations, 1804-24; 1891 to date

Bishop of Cork and Sir Richard Cox, copy of letters, 18 century

Meath Diocesan Council, agendas and accounts, 1895-1933

Finance Committee Minutes, 1878-1919

Resolutions, 1902 to date

Diocesan Registry, correspondence and note books, 1929-1939

Diocese of Meath Council note, 1898-1915

Parishs, clergy, glebes, etc., registers of births, etc., to 1850

Synodsmen, nominators, secretaries, wardens, 1954-1955

Expenditure, general 1889-97

Diocesan Journal, 1894-1903, compiled by Revd. G Craig, registrar

Bishop J.B. Keene, notes on parishes, etc., 1898, confirmations, 1897-1899

Kilbeggan, extracts from registers and wills, 1879-1880

Marriage, of Cobbe, a minor, opinions of counsel, 1941-1942

Marriage Notice Books, Athboy, Trim, 1872-1891, Diocese of Meath, 1873-1876, 1871-1903, Moate, 1871-1885, Navan, 1871-1906

Churches licensed for marriages

Meath Diocesan Office, correspondence copy book, 1914-1916, 1919-1920

Popery, abrenunciation of, by Richard Murphy, 1823

Protestant Orphan Society, Meath

Extracts, registers, and wills, Kilbeggan (qv)

Schools, endowed, Government Scheme, 1890, Report of Commissioners, 1881, volume I,

Evidence before Commissioners, 1857, Volume II

Skryne Parish - miscellaneous records.

Trim: Parish record of monuments, parishioners, history, etc., 1875. (for volume lodged for safe keeping)

Westmeath Protestant Orpham Society, correspondence relating to the Belevere Orphanage and Kinsey bequest, 1940.

Wilson's Hospital, Multyfarnham, Act of incorporation, trustees of 1797, letters, correspondence regarding conditions at 1842

Revd. H.T. Ringwood, vice Revd. Chaworth Browne

Wilson's Hospital and parish of Leney, manuscript report of the committee, 1900.

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