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DescriptionSchools and Education:
QM1/H11 Minutes of Sub-Committee of Mountmellick School, 1840-1871. Volumes of the sub-committee of the Leinster monthly meetings containing the general accounts of the school, number of children admitted to the school, etc., 2 volumes

QM1/H14 Minutes of Committee for Leinster and Munster Schools, June 1855-December 1882. Minutes deal with the 'conjunction of provincial schools for the purposes of education boys of both provinces shall be educated at Newtown [school] near Waterford and the girls at Mountmellick [school]'. Minutes detail the appointment of the committees to govern each school, committees are composed of both male and female friends. The majority of friends on Mountmellick School committee are female. Reports from the sub-committees on admissions to the schools, income and expenditure, appointment of staff, both male and female, details of tickets of recommendation, number in the house, education of children and details concerning the structural changes to the school building. The bulk of the minutes are devoted to the running of the Mountmellick girls school, 1 volume

QM1/H15 Proceedings of the General Meeting for Mountmellick School, June 1856-October 1908. Minutes contain lists of representatives, all women friends, on the Committee for the management of Mountmellick school, from each monthly meeting, number of girls in the school, admitted, discharged; appointment and departure of staff, expenditure, reports from committees appointed to report on the proficiency of students, reproduction of printed reports of Newtown boys school and suggested alterations to the curriculum, 1 volume

QM1/H17 Minutes of Sub-Committee (Mountmellick School) 187[?]-1878, 1879-1884. Minutes are mainly concerned with the admission of pupils to the school, education and health of pupils, accounts and expenditure of the school, etc., 2 volumes

QM1/H18 Minutes of Committee of Management for Mountmellick and Newtown School, 1883-1884. Volume details general accounts; appointment of staff, number of pupils in the school, alterations to the premises, etc., 1 volume

QM1/H19 Mountmellick School Committee Minutes, June 1907-June 1920. Volume details general accounts, appointment of staff, number of pupils in the school, alterations to the premises, names of pupils' parents and the fees charged for each child, etc., 1 volume.
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Century19th, 20th
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