Copies of correspondence of the Steele-Nicholson family. The collection of 178 documents includes, for example:
T/2487/1/1 Copy of a letter from T.B. Middleton, Dublin, to Isabella Hancock, Lisburn, sending her a few verses about love and their courtship, 31 December 1799.

T/2487/1/15 Copy of a letter from G. Arkin to Mrs Nicholson referring to rent, 2 August 1847.

T/2487/1/50 Copy of an emigrant letter from John Steele Nicholson, Victoria, Australia, to 'Dear Ladies', 21 July 1862.

T/2487/1/51-52 Copies of 2 emigrant letters from James Collins, Peterboro, Canada West, to his mother, giving family news, 5 January 1863 and 22 June 1863.

T/2487/1/53 Copy of a letter from Louis Phelps to her cousin, Margaret, referring to the death of a cousin, 8 March 1864.

T/2487/1/56-57; T/2487/1/59 Copies of 3 emigrant letters from John Steele Nicholson, Victoria, Australia, to his mother, 27 June, 1866, 22 May 1868 and 1 February 1869.

T/2487/1/61 Copy of a journal of a voyage to New York, which notes, 'there is a very nice family Brannages travelling for Mrs B's health, the daughters are the finest girls on board...The ladies come to dinner in hat veils and waterproofs', August 1872.

T/2487/1/65 Copy of a letter from Latimer Whittle, Kingston, to 'Maria' asking for money to save his property from being confiscated, 23 August 1883.

T/2487/1/115-116 Copies of 2 letters from 'Arthur', Johannesburg, to 'Ethel', giving family news, 8 December 1930 and 8 May 1939.

T/2487//1/119 Copy of a letter from 'Maria' to 'James' referring to Irish affairs, 'they seem determined to take the land from the landlords and Gladstone may as well do that as take to money from the Church...', no date, c.1870.

T/2487//1/122 Copy of a letter from Theodisa Crawford, Belfast, to Mr MacIlwaine referring to elections on behalf of Lady Johnston, 'I hoped if any names were added to the list you might have been so favourable to her case as to get her name put down and when she got the County she could keep herself comfortably', no date, c.1880s.

T/2487/1/126 Copy of a letter from Vera Rowan-Hamilton, Monktown, County Dublin, to Miss Steele Nicholson thanking her for a cheque for the 'V for Victory Fund', no date, c.1941.

T/2487/2/12 Copies of poems by Eliza Hancock, also epitaphs and religious verses, no date, c.1800.

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