Copies of various collections relating to J.F. Foster, incorporating the Foster Massereene papers. A detailed calendar with typescript extracts from this collection is available. The collection includes for example:
T/2519/1/1-2 Genealogical pedigrees of the Burgh or de Burgh family, Dromkeen, County Limerick, from c.1420 and the Foster family, Dunleer, County Louth, from c.1673. The date of compilation is not noted.

T/2519/3 Copies of 22 letters from John Foster, 1819. These documents have been copied from the National Library of Ireland, reference number MS4128 and include, for example:
A copy of a letter from John Foster to George Pentland about appointing chaplains for Lady Ferrard as a Viscountess, 26 January 1819.

A copy of a letter from John Foster to the Countess of Massereene regretting that he is unable to support her candidate for a position in the Dublin Society, 8 April 1819

A copy of a letter from John Foster to Lady Foster asking if she has any message for him to deliver in Birmingham, 11 April 1819

A copy of a letter from John Foster to Charlotte Burgh urging caution in publishing William [?Burgh's] work on Gothic architecture, 13 November 1819.

T/2519/4 Copies of the Chilham papers which consist of copies of the Masserrene family letters, the originals of which are closed in the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland. These papers include, for example:
T/2519/4/1-180 Copies of c.180 letters, mostly from the Honourable Chichester Skeffington to his wife, Lady Harriet Skeffington, nee Jocelyn, 1779-1831.

T/2519/4/267-276 and T/2519/1612-1686 Copies of family letters to John Foster, 1770-1812.

T/2519/4/1687-1775 Copies of family letters from John Foster and his wife, Countess Ferrand, 1811-1821.

T/2519/4/1756-1822 Copies of family letters from Anna, Lady Dufferin to her parents, John Foster and Lady Ferrand, c.1815-1828.

T/2519/4/1823-1851 Copies of family letters to Lady Ferrard, c.1815-1824.

T/2519/4/1852-1885 Copies of family letters to John Foster and Lady Ferrard, 1822-1828.

T/2519/4/2171-2172 Copies of miscellaneous material, 1785-1863, including letters from John Foster to his daughter, Anna, Lady Dufferin, 1801-1825.

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