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T/2621/1 Typescript genealogical notes on the Rothwell family, c1720-1961, compiled 1961.

T/2621/2 Copies of letters to and from the portrait painter, Richard Rothwell, 1829-1867. These papers include:
A copy of a letter from Mrs Lawrence, Ablemarle Street, asking to see a portrait of William Huskisson, 21 February 1831.

A copy of a letter from Lady Howard de Walden, the Duchess of Devonshire, informing him of her visit, c1831.

Copies of 5 letters from Richard Rothwell to his wife, Rosa, London, Greenisland [and Belfast?], County Antrim, 5 December 1845; 30 March c1847; c1847; suggesting they emigrate to America, 26 December 1854 and 3 January 1855.

Copies of 2 letters from Mr James Sheridan Knowles to Rosa Rothwell, near Rathfarnham, Dublin, offering comfort on the death of her daughter, 22 January 1848 and enclosing introductions for herself and for her husband, 23 September [?1858].

A copy of a letter from Charlotte Adams, London. to Richard Rothwell concerning the painting of her late sister, Lucy, 27 September 1850.

A copy of a letter from Laura Field to Richard Rothwell concerning the purchase of a painting, 4 October 1860.

A copy of a letter from Anne Proctor, probably in London, to Richard Rothwell concerning the unfair hanging of his paintings, 6 January 1863.

A copy of a poem signed by James Drumond, possibly written to the memory of Rothwell's daughter, Rosalie who died aged 12, 10 November 1863.

A copy of a letter from Lady Leigh, Kenilworth, to Richard Rothwell concerning the portrait of her sons, 24 January 1867.

T/2621/3 Copies of 10 letters from Richard Rothwell, son of the artist Richard Rothwell, North America, to his mother, Rose in Ireland, 1863-1866.
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