CollectionDarnely Papers

Copies of the papers of the Darnley family including, for example:
T/2851/1/8 Copies of 3 letters from Lady Theodosia Crosbie to her sister, Lady Mary Tighe, Dublin regarding social gossip and her journey from Dublin to Ardfert, 1746.

T/2851/1/9 Volume of copy letters, including, for example:
A copy of a love letter from Michael Ward, Dublin to Mary Hamilton, Bangor, County Down, 28 January 1709.

Copies of 3 letters from Mrs Anne Ward to her husband, Michael, regarding domestic affairs, 1709, 1710 and 1758.

A copy of a letter from Lady Parnell to her brother, Bernard Ward, giving family news, c.1710.

A copy of a letter from Mrs Ward to her father in law, Judge Ward, giving family news, 1756.

A copy of a letter from Theodosia Magill to the Honourable Miss Annesley, Castlewellan, giving news of mutual friends, 1760.

T/2851/1/10 Copies of 6 letters from the Honourable Lady Anne Bligh, Bristol, to her sister, Lady Theodosia Bligh, and from Letitia Bushe giving family news and social gossip, c.1740.

T/2851/1/11 Copy of an anecdote from Mrs Reilly's memoirs, c.1740.

T/2851/2 Volume of copy letters, including, for example:
T/2851/2/5 A copy of an extract from a letter and from a diary regarding Lady Darnley's social life, no date, early 1800s.

T/2851/12 Copy of a family letter to Lady Darnley from A M Monck, c.1739.

T/2851/13 Copy of an incomplete letter commenting on the marriage of Lord Jocelyn to Mary Bligh, no date.

T/2851/18/20 A copy of a letter from the Countess of Darnley to the Honourable J.D. Bligh giving details about a visit to Windsor Castle, 1830.

T/2851/24 Volume of typescript copies of letters between the 3rd Earl of Darnley, his wife and their children whilst at Eton, 1774-1787.

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