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ReferenceMss Box 79/Folder 1
DescriptionLetters from Stella M B Webb to her parents, 1945:
1 Postcard 'outside Euston Station', 27 July 1945, requesting passport photograph.

2 Letter from 47 Netherhall Gardens, London, NW 3, 31 July 1945, regarding journey.

3 Letter regarding conference with summary of activities, stating that she met Eirene Gilpin, nee Douglas, 5 August 1945.

4 Letter containing description of the daily routine, she is studying German, 9 August 1945.

5 Letter regarding celebrations around London, VJ day and the cessation of hostilities, she is learning Polish, 16 August 1945.

6 Letter noting that Stella has acquired a Polish dictionary, mentions meeting William Nobel, Eustace Gillett, Annie E Douglas, Rene, Sylvia and Felicity Gilpin, Robert Wick's sister, 21 August 1945.

7 Letter containing information regarding a bicycle ride to Golden's Green, met Joan Fry, Ida Rothart, Denis Moriarty, Muriel Whitlow, Hubert Peet, 29 August 1945.

8 Letter enclosing a report of the course which Stella is now finished. She is awaiting an interview in the Friends' Relief Service Office, Friends' House, and expects to leave fairly soon. Alice Shaffer of the American Friends Service Committee's description of Berlin and Roger Wilson's account of a visit to Greece. She has had a first inoculation. Requests studies in Eastern Europe, her typewritten extracts from George Fox's Journal, 8 September 1945.

9 Letter: c/o The Hostel, Aldenham Vicarage, N Waterford. News of her probable transfer to Athens to work for displaced persons. Describes life in camp under canvas, 16 September 1945.

10 Letter addressed Malloree, Lawrence Drive, Canford Cliffs, Bournemouth . Stella has been to Manchester, to be fitted for uniform to go to Greece. Has been sailing in Pool(e) harbour with Margaret, Edward and John, notes that she will be attending the Quarterly Meeting, 22 September 1945.

11 Letter addressed 48 Netherwell Gardens, London, NW 3, 25 September 1945. Dorice White may be Stella's companion in Athens. Report on Quarterly Meeting at Bournemouth with Stephen Thorne, as guest speaker. Had great unity in Stephen Thorne's plea for the well tried friends way of having a clerk who makes minutes during the meeting. Concern of Friends for the elderly. Mentions Ernest and Emmy Haughton, Sam and Grace Bell, Mary Pim, Alice and Bewley, Doreen, Alfred Grubb brother of Leonard. Has had second lot of injection, will go to Watling meeting and on to Harry and Margaret Silcock. Had a driving test, 25 September 1945.

11a Letter. Dorice White may not join Stella on medical grounds. Visit from Rosamond Douglas who is expecting to go to Brunswick. Request for her mother to bring over her typewriter so she could take it to Greece, 27 September 1945.

12 Letter containing request for various items from home, including books. Has had third lot of injections. Visited Harry and Margaret Silcock and their son and daughter-in-law, Olive Bourne, 2 October 1945.

13 Letter. Further requests for towels and books, official invitation to FRS to send a couple to Athens has arrived. Discusses possible reprinting of 'Bell Article', 5 October 1945.

14 Letter. Take care of yourself, difficulty in getting sailing tickets, Harold Lamb was at meeting, 10 October 1945.

15 Letter to her mother. Has been employed cleaning the house ready for the next course. It is hoped that some of us may go to the Dutch Island of Walcheren which was flooded by Allied bombing, 11 October 1945.

16 Letter to her mother. Went to London and Middlesex Quarterly Meeting and met Arnold Robinson his wife, Gertrude Robson, Gerald Hodgett and Joseph Moorland, clerk. Attended a Russian Orthodox service with Louisa Roberts, warden, Dorrie Green and Betty Adshead. Describes the end of course party. Athens has not yet been confirmed in writing. Will visit Bill and Margaret Sessions. Sorry to hear her mother has had 'such a bad time', 14 October 1945.

17 Letter to her mother. Arrangements for sending books from Ireland. Had collected her typewriter from Friend's house where there is 'great coming and going'. Fred Tritton back from Scandinavia and Poland, Roger Wilson off to Germany, Edmond and Yvonne Private on a visit from Geneva. The letter is full of descriptions of the Greek Orthodox service, 16 October 1945.

18 Letter to 'Dear Parents'. Stonebridge Green, Egerton, Kent. [Staying with Mac and Ethel Nobel] 'UNRRA have written a letter to enable me to get my passport attended to, so it looks as if I shall be going to Greece'. Met Joe Wigham at friends house and thanked him for bringing over the typewriter, 19 October 1945.

19 Letter to her mother in hospital. Malloree, Lawrence Dowe, Canford Cliffs, Bournemouth. Has received a letter from Friends' Relief Service to go to Gordon House to prepare to go overseas. Mentions Sam and Grace Bell, Bewley, Doreen, Mary Pim. Is grappling with Greek alphabet. Kenneth and Dorothy Clay, John Backhouse, 24 October 1945.

20 Letter to her mother, 159, Highgate Road, London, NW5, [Gordon House] Has received items sent from home. Details of her stay in Bournemount, 28 October 1945.

21 Letter to 'Dear Parent'. The Institute, Friends House, Enston Road, N W. Arrangements for money. Florrie Taylor is training for VAD for India 'Getting overseas is proceeding slowly'. Had first Greek lesson, 30 October 1945.

22 Letter to her mother. 139 Highgate Road, London, NW 5. Hoping to leave on 21 November, 'target date'. Heard Fred Gritten's report of his visit to Scandinavia and Poland. Thanks Susan E Bewley, Charles M Hill and Susan E Bewley for letters. Notes that a Hostel has opened in Hoxton. Heard Jean Inebrit give a moving account of the death of Pierre Ceresol. Sean has been helping Friends' Relief Service in France, 5 November 1945.

23 Letter to 'Dear Parent', 159 Highgate Road, London NW 5. Long letter with news of life at Gordon House. Is having Greek lessons two hours daily. Is sewing Quaker Relief flashes and 'Friends Relief Service Quakers' badges on to shoulders and stencilling her name on to two hat bags, camp bed, mosquito net, cutlery, blankets, grey uniform. Heard Ranar Halfden Neilson of Denmark speak on the Danish experience during the war. He condemned 'the present collaboration hunt' and the reintroduction of capital punishment into Denmark, 11 November 1945.

24 Letter. Friends House, Euston Road, NW 1. Permits are held up, has been issued with six grey-blue poplin skirts, 15 November 1945.

25 Letter. Gordon House, 159 Highgate Road, London, N5. Dorice White has not yet appeared. Difficulties with visa, 20 November 1945.

26 Letter. The Institute, Friends House, may leave shortly, 29 November 1945.

27 Letter. 159 Highgate, London N5. Will know tomorrow if she will leave on an UNRRA plane alone. Dorice White (to follow) and SMB. W to represent Friends Relief Service in Athens, 30 November 1945.

28 A typescript account of Mount Waltham Friends' Relief Service Training Centre, sent with letter of 8 September 1945, written 19 August 1945.

29 Notepad with preparation notes from lectures including first aid, diet, child welfare, writing of reports, no date.
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