CollectionEmly (Pery) Papers

T/3087/1/26 Copy of a letter from Mrs Macartney, Luttrellstown, County Dublin, to Edmund Sexton Pery, 1st Viscount Pery, referring to business transactions and to politics, 'I need not say that I am pleased to find that we still have an interest in a country where we have so considerable a property; for you must be certain that, from my knowledge of the world, things and people, I value it as I ought', 15 August 1761.

T/3087/1/94 Copy of a letter from the 1st Lord Glentworth, Bishop of Limerick to Edmund Sexton Pery, 1st Viscount Pery, about his forthcoming marriage, 'I am determined to marry sometime in the next month, for I can no longer live alone and want a nurse to take care of me in my decline of life, and a proper person to manage my family. The lady you know. She is Mrs Crump, to whom I have been strongly attached for many years, and whose fortune is much better than I could expect. She is past fifty years old, and therefore there is no danger of bringing me any children. I know her to be a very good women, and I make no doubt of her being an affectionate and tender nurse and companion to me, which in truth is all the business I have of a wife. Her advanced age will not require much conjugal endearments, which I am nearly past the time of giving', 24 September 1792.

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