CollectionPhotographic Collections
ReferenceAlbums 1-40
DescriptionAlbums 2-3 Commissioners of the Friends War Victims' Fund, 1870-1871, with list of names.

Album 4 139 photographs of 19th century Friends, with list of names, some American.

Album 5 Album [spine broken] with photographs, unlabelled except Lychia Goodbody, Sarah Goodbody, Kate Ellis Goodbody and Magaret Haughton Goodbody.

Album 9 Photographs by Emilie M Bennis of places connected with Friends in the Southern half of Ireland.

Album 11-11a Young Friends at Glendalough, 1912.

Album 12 Photographs of Clibborn Family and others with list.

Album 15 Small pencil drowning of prominent personalities, 1874 -1914, by Josephine Webb, [1883 - 1924].

Album 16 Snapshots taken at Edenderry meeting, 1935, Rathanagan 1925, Wicklow 1926, Rathangan 1927 and 1929, Wicklow 1929 and 1933.

Album 17 Late Victorian photographs of Haughton, Grubb, Walpole, Warring, Taylor Hacken.

Album, 19 Portraits of Friends, mainly English 17th century-late 19th century.

Album 21 Portraits and silhouettes with letter from John Leeky, 1927.

Album 22 Dublin Summer School, 2-13 September 1909.

Album 23 Friends Relief work in Vienna, 1946 - 1948, donated by Stella M B Webb.

Album 25 Friends Relief Work at Wagner, near Leibnitz 1948, Residential Group 1948.
Snapshot of Friends Relief Work, etc., in Greece in 1946.

Album 26 Members and friends of the Jacob family, no date.

Album 27 Members of all the Webb family, no date.

Album 28 Members of the following families: Fisher, Webb, Grubb, Alexander, Wright, Gough, Smith, no date.

Album 29 Small Album with nine photographs including Edith Wigham and Jane Wigham, no date.

Album 30 Wigham family snapshots including some of holidays in the West and groups of children connected with Edith and Jane's social work, no date.

Album 33 Kathleen R Tayler's coloured snapshots taken at Swanbrook, Bloomfield and New Lodge, includes Dublin Millennium Exhibition 1988 and the Tree Planting at Bloomfield by the Irish Wheelchair Association, 1989.

Album 34 Collection of photographs of Corninion Home of Leonard Webb, Hilda Webb and Stella M B Webb, no date.

Album 35 Collection of school photographs, Bootham, 1893-1900.

Album 36 Album of holiday photographs [Norway], includes L Webb, J Douglas and Charles and Stella Jacob, no date.

Album 37 Shackleton family album, no date.

Album 39 Elizabeth Pim's Album, [born 1828], daughter of Joseph Robinson Pim.

Album 40 Mary Anne Jacob's Album, no date.
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Date1870-1871; 1874-1914; 1893-1900; 1946-1948; 1909; 1912; 1925
Century19th, 20th
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