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Typed, bound transcript of the Ordnance Survey Memoirs for Ballymoney Parish, copied from the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland [MIC/6/Reel 13] and including several entries of relevance to women, 1834-1835. For instance:

'On May eve it is customary practice with many of the elderly females of this Parish to get a branch of what they call the Rowan Tree and place twigs of it over the doors of their byres, and frequently over their Kitchen doors. They also tie a twig to the tail of each cow. They will not mix the milk which they may have on May eve with the milk of the following day, as they say 'it is unlucky to mix the milk of two years together'. The Rowan tree is used as a 'charm' against witchcraft and fairyism. It is astonishing to see this practice yet used by many intelligent persons, and particularly in a district here the great mass of the population are educated. Although this practice is more general among the Roman Catholics than any other sect, yet it is not confined exclusively to them.'

This volume also includes a list of poor who were relieved by Ballymoney Mendicity Association, including the names of several women, 1832-1833.

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