CollectionCharitable Donations and Bequests

Mary [?Drelincourt], date of will, 1738, Parish of Armagh, left an annuity of £249-4-6 for the maintenance and education of 19 boys and 19 girls together with £8 Irish to the poor of Armagh and £2 Irish to the poor of Clonfeade. This bequest was secured in lands in Down, Tyrone and Armagh. In 1836 the school was remodelled and repaired out of the funds.

Jane Lea, parish of Carrickfergus, date of will, 1824, left £100-0-0 to `Be divided among the poor'.

Lady Middleton, parish of [?Drumbo], left an annuity of £2-15-42. The observation reads: `This bequest cant [sic] be account for but it is paid regularly at Christmas ... at the office of Lord Duncannor Belfast _' no date for will.

Letitia Bland, parish of Holywood, date of will, 1834, left £200-0-0, amounting to £7-0-0 in annuity; the interest was to be used annually to buy food and clothing for the poor at Christmas.

Catherine Walsh, parish of Drumcannor, bequested, by a will dated 1826 unspecified monies, `to build a House or Houses for 12 poor men and 12 poor Women with an Annual pension of £6-0 each, the vacancies to be filled alternatively by the Protestant & RC Clergymen. The Houses were built and occupied in the year 1831 - we believe she left other bequest but cant ascertain.'

Catherine Egan, by a will dated 1837, left £400-0-0 to erect a poor house for Protestants.

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