CollectionDungarvan Poor Law Union
DescriptionDungarvan Poor Law Union, Rough Minute Books recording proceedings of the Board of Guardians, giving details of the state of the worhouse and outdoor relief administered, with orders and letters sent and received by the Poor Law Commissioners and any special business:
123 9 August 1849-2 May 1850
124 25 September 1865-10 May 1866
125 27 January 1870-18 August 1870.

126 19 September 1878-3 July 1884, Minutes of the proceedings of the Board of Guardians under the
Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act, 1878 detailing the Guardians present at each meeting and briefly recording the actions taken by the Board. States that on 19 September 1878 at the first meeting a letter from Dublin Castle accompanying a copy of the Act was read. Records the appointment of an Inspector and Valuer on 31 October 1878.
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