CollectionWaterford Poor Law Union
DescriptionVolumes of sealed orders from the Poor Law Commissioners in relation to Waterford Union. Contains details of the manner in which the Workhouse is to be run, the people to be admitted and the procedures to be followed in providing relief to the people in the Union. Includes orders in regard to the from in which information is to be sent to the Commissioners to inform them of the work and accounts of the Workhouse and the Union. Includes the order establishing Waterford Union under 'An Act for the more effectual Relief of the Destitute Poor in Ireland' and stating that a Board of Guardians of the Poor should be constituted and that thirty four Guardians should be elected for the Union (20 April 1839). The Orders are signed by the Poor Law Commissioners and sealed with the seal of the Poor Law Commission:
180 20 April 1839-27 October 1849
181 28 June 1850-21 December 1859

182 30 October 1852, Letter from 'Scrutator' addressed to 'The Deluded Rate-Payers' regarding the election of collectors of the poor rates. States the position was rewarded to 'a well trained spaniel-on-two legs . who acts the hypocrite, the spy, or the traitor', 'John Carr' and that his election was due to the influence of the Board of Guardians and in particular to the influence of 'Lord Huntingtun'. Stamped as received by the Poor Law Commissioners.
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