CollectionYoughal Rural District Council
DescriptionVolumes of Minutes detailing the proceedings of the meetings of the Rural District Council of Youghal.
Records the names of the councillors present at each meeting. Contains details the financial minutes of the Council containing the accounts of the council including expenses, such as burial ground expenses and receipts, such as money from labourers' cottages rents and burial fees. Includes a monthly abstract of cottage rent collection and a summary of the Treasurer's accounts. States the orders of the Local Government Board and letters sent to and received from the Local Government Board. Contains the minutes of the proceedings of the council as Sanitary Authority under the Public Health Acts recording the council members present at each meeting. Details the reports from the Medical Officers of Health, the sanitary work performed, the return of duties performed by sanitary sub-officers, accounts of expenses under the Sanitary Acts, the letters sent to and received from the Local Government Board. Records the minutes of the proceedings of the council as Sanitary Authority under the Labourers' (Ireland) Acts, 1883-1896 stating the members present at each meeting and the matters discussed such as the tenders for repairing cottages. Includes the minutes of the proceedings of the meetings of the council as Sanitary Authority under the Burial Grounds (Ireland) Act, 1856. The minutes of the meetings of the council are signed by the Chairman and the Clerk of the Rural District Council. In 1925 the minutes District Council is abolished and the minutes cease to be recorded after the 15 June 1925 (RDC/YGHL/16):
1 31 August 1899-22 November 1900
2 6 December 1900-7 February 1902, includes: a notice of the dates fixed by Waterford County Council for the holding of Quarterly Meetings by District Councils issued by R G Paul, Secretary to the County Council (13 June 1901). A resolution finding fault with the County Council for the manner in which the Rural District Council's resolution against the Agricultural and Technical Schemes was received and discussed. Particular note was made of the use of the word 'fools' by P F Walsh and stating that `if the County Council persist in striking another Rate for Youghal Number 2 District Council they will be acting against the wishes of 99 per cent of the ratepayers (page 103)
3 20 February 1902-10 September 1903
4 8 October 1903-27 October 1905
5 16 November 1905-9 January 1908
6 7 February 1908-30 July 1909
7 9 September 1909-2 February 1911
8 9 March 1911-12 September 1912
9 12 December 1912-10 July 1914
10 12 August 1914-7 June 1916, includes: names and addresses of councillors and guardians of Youghal Union.
11 14 July 1916-16 May 1918
12 12 July 1918-9 July 1920
13 31 July 1920-1 November 1920, includes: a resolution passed unanimously, to sympathise with the
widow and family of Terrence Mac Sweeney, Lord Mayor of Cork '.who suffered fearful punishment and death for Ireland and freedom in an English prison', (page 89)
14 9 December 1920-15 December 1920
15 2 February 1923-8 August 1924
16 12 March 1925-15 June 1925.
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Century19th, 20th
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