CollectionCarrick-on-Suir Rural District Council

Carrick-on Suir Rural District Council, 1918-1925.
1: 28 January 1922-14 January 1925
Volume of Minutes detailing the proceedings of the Carrick-on-Suir Rural District Council stating the names of councillors present at each meeting. Records the resolutions of the council, letters and applications received. Contains printed forms for the financial minutes of the council under the Public Health Acts which have not been filled in. Records the minutes of the Council as Sanitary Authority under the Labourers (Ireland) Acts, 1883 to 1906, stating the names of the councillors present at each meeting and the letters and reports received by the Council.

2: 30 September 1918-31 March 1926
Rent Collection Book for Carrick-on-Suir Rural District Council recording the rents collected by
Peter O'Donnell and Richard Power, rent collectors. Details the folio of Labourers' Acts Ledger, townland, name of tenant, monthly or weekly rent, arrears carried forward as due at the close of the last half-year, total rents accrued during the half-year, total to be collected and rents paid monthly.

4: 20 September 1924, Letter from M. O'Hickey, Clerk of Carrick-on-Suir Rural District Council to members of the council requesting their attendance at a council meeting on 24 September 1924.

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