Collection: Domvile Papers

Repository: National Library of Ireland

Repository NameNational Library of Ireland
AddressNational Library of Ireland Department of Manuscripts 2-3 Kildare Street Dublin 2
EircodeD02 TR76
Telephone(01) 603-0386
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28 Results

955National Library of IrelandMs113151665-1671Receipts and other documents relating to Robert Ward...Domvile Papers
956National Library of IrelandMs113211852Miscellaneous letters and documents including a lett...Domvile Papers
961National Library of IrelandMs113481775-1778Miscellaneous letters including 9 letters to Lady S ...Domvile Papers
962National Library of IrelandMs113491807Miscellaneous documents. These include 16 documents ...Domvile Papers
963National Library of IrelandMs113501800-1840Letters of General Sir F Trench to his parents, earl...Domvile Papers
964National Library of IrelandMs113541849
Letters to Mary Trench, including: Two letters from...Domvile Papers
965National Library of IrelandMs113631831-1861Letters relating to the Trench family estate, Heawoo...Domvile Papers
966National Library of IrelandMs11364Eight letters to Mary Trench from her brother, F W T...Domvile Papers
991National Library of IrelandMss11766-117671713-1775Rentals of the Domvile estates, County Dublin and Co...Domvile Papers
992National Library of IrelandMs117911860Copies of wills including a copy of the will of Eliz...Domvile Papers
993National Library of IrelandMss11814-118151825-1867Rentals of the Dublin Corporation estates, 1867 and ...Domvile Papers
1530National Library of IrelandMs25881768Copy of the marriage settlement of Rev. Ben Domville...Domvile Papers
2588National Library of IrelandMs118441769-1789Accounts, mainly wages of domestic servants.Domvile Papers
2995National Library of IrelandMs93661671-1806Quit rent receipts of the Domville family in County ...Domvile Papers
2996National Library of IrelandMs93671702-1750Rentals and other papers, 1702-1750. These include r...Domvile Papers
2997National Library of IrelandMs9376Rentals and other papers, including rentals to prope...Domvile Papers
2998National Library of IrelandMs9381Miscellaneous papers which include lists of rents an...Domvile Papers
3519National Library of IrelandMs118161833-1851Rental of the Domvile estate, County Mayo, 1833-1851...Domvile Papers
3520National Library of IrelandMs118181750-1753Rentals and estate accounts including rentals of Sir...Domvile Papers
3521National Library of IrelandMs11822Rental of Mrs Anna Maria Domvile's estates, City and...Domvile Papers
3522National Library of IrelandMss11823-11824Rentals and Accounts. Includes a rental of the Coolo...Domvile Papers
3523National Library of IrelandMss11832-118331848-1871Various Account Books including the account book of ...Domvile Papers
3524National Library of IrelandMs118361818-1860Account Book of Miss Mary E L Trench in account with...Domvile Papers
3525National Library of IrelandMs118431832-1838Rent Roll of the Heywood estate, Queen's County, 183...Domvile Papers
3526National Library of IrelandMs11862Various 18th and 19th century letters, including let...Domvile Papers
3533National Library of IrelandMs11998c.1824Account Book [of Mary Trench?], c.1824.Domvile Papers
3534National Library of IrelandMss12002-120041828-1859Three Account Books of Mary Trench, 1828-1859.Domvile Papers
9096National Library of IrelandMs143451746-1748Memoranda concerning the employment and payment of s...Domvile Papers