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Collection DescriptionDorothy Walker was a dynamic and highly influential art critic, author and broadcaster. She played a central role in many of the most significant events in Irish visual art in the second half of the 20th century including the foundation of the Rosc exhibitions, the Guinness-Peat Aviation Awards and the establishment of the Irish Museum of Modern Art. Throughout her career, Walker contributed art criticism to the New York Times, RTÉ, Hibernia, Studio International, and the Sunday Times. Her book, Modern Art in Ireland (1997), provides the first critical account of the impact of political and cultural developments on the visual arts in Ireland in the post WWII period. (
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Repository: National Irish Visual Arts Library (NIVAL)

Repository NameNational Irish Visual Arts Library (NIVAL)
AddressThe Clock Building National College of Art & Design 100 Thomas Street Dublin 8
EircodeD08 K521
Telephone(01) 636-4347
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