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Repository: National Library of Ireland

Repository NameNational Library of Ireland
AddressNational Library of Ireland Department of Manuscripts 2-3 Kildare Street Dublin 2
EircodeD02 TR76
Telephone(01) 603-0386
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26 Results

9743National Library of IrelandMs183321938-1961Correspondence of Frank Gallagher and Mrs Childers w...Frank Gallagher Papers
9744National Library of IrelandMs18333c1927-1960Letters and postcards from Éamonn and Sin&eac...Frank Gallagher Papers
9745National Library of IrelandMs183351928-1954Correspondence of Frank Gallagher, 1928-1954, which ...Frank Gallagher Papers
9746National Library of IrelandMs183381948-1952Correspondence of Phyllis Lawson, Sunderland Literar...Frank Gallagher Papers
9747National Library of IrelandMs183421935-1940Letters to Gallagher from Mary F. McWhorter, Ladies&...Frank Gallagher Papers
9748National Library of IrelandMs183461919-1936Claim of Mrs Kathleen Napoli, nee McKenna, for a mil...Frank Gallagher Papers
9749National Library of IrelandMs183481929-1960Fifteen letters to Gallagher from Sean T. Ó C...Frank Gallagher Papers
9750National Library of IrelandMs183521938-1953Letters to Gallagher from Robert O'F. Wynne and ...Frank Gallagher Papers
9751National Library of IrelandMs18353c1920-1960Letters to Gallagher, mainly relating to literary af...Frank Gallagher Papers
9752National Library of IrelandMs183561922-1924Documents relating to the internment of Gallagher, m...Frank Gallagher Papers
9753National Library of IrelandMs183591927-1928Documents relating to a tour in the US by Gallagher ...Frank Gallagher Papers
9754National Library of IrelandMs183641931-1953Documents relating to legislation on adoption, inclu...Frank Gallagher Papers
9755National Library of IrelandMs183671939-1940Documents relating to the visit of Gallagher to the ...Frank Gallagher Papers
9756National Library of IrelandMs183711946-1948Seven letters to Gallagher from Welsh nationalists, ...Frank Gallagher Papers
10843National Library of IrelandMs212081913-1955Correspondence relating to the activities of Kathlee...Frank Gallagher Papers
10844National Library of IrelandMs212091927Letter from Frank Gallagher in New York to his wife,...Frank Gallagher Papers
10845National Library of IrelandMs212101928-1932Letters to Gallagher from Lady Gregory, mostly relat...Frank Gallagher Papers
10846National Library of IrelandMs212171942Letters and telegrams to Frank Gallagher, expression...Frank Gallagher Papers
10847National Library of IrelandMs21231c.1954-1955Six letters to Frank Gallagher from Mary Hughes, Bro...Frank Gallagher Papers
10848National Library of IrelandMs212331954Letters to Gallagher from Mary C. Bromage with a com...Frank Gallagher Papers
10849National Library of IrelandMs212341954-1959Five letters to Frank Gallagher from Sinéad d...Frank Gallagher Papers
10850National Library of IrelandMs212411958Letter to Gallagher from Estella Solomons acknowledg...Frank Gallagher Papers
10851National Library of IrelandMs212421958Letters [to the editor of The Sunday Press?] from Ma...Frank Gallagher Papers
10852National Library of IrelandMs21257[?1940]Typescript account by Nellie Gifford Donnelly of the...Frank Gallagher Papers
10853National Library of IrelandMs21258[?1940]Typescript essay on social welfare in ancient Irelan...Frank Gallagher Papers
11021National Library of IrelandMs18340c.1929-1946Letters to Gallagher from Dorothy Macardle relating ...Frank Gallagher Papers