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9743National Library of IrelandMs183321938-1961Correspondence of Frank Gallagher and Mrs Childers w...Frank Gallagher Papers
9744National Library of IrelandMs18333c1927-1960Letters and postcards from Éamonn and Sin&eac...Frank Gallagher Papers
9745National Library of IrelandMs183351928-1954Correspondence of Frank Gallagher, 1928-1954, which ...Frank Gallagher Papers
9746National Library of IrelandMs183381948-1952Correspondence of Phyllis Lawson, Sunderland Literar...Frank Gallagher Papers
9747National Library of IrelandMs183421935-1940Letters to Gallagher from Mary F. McWhorter, Ladies&...Frank Gallagher Papers
9748National Library of IrelandMs183461919-1936Claim of Mrs Kathleen Napoli, nee McKenna, for a mil...Frank Gallagher Papers
9749National Library of IrelandMs183481929-1960Fifteen letters to Gallagher from Sean T. Ó C...Frank Gallagher Papers
9750National Library of IrelandMs183521938-1953Letters to Gallagher from Robert O'F. Wynne and ...Frank Gallagher Papers
9751National Library of IrelandMs18353c1920-1960Letters to Gallagher, mainly relating to literary af...Frank Gallagher Papers
9752National Library of IrelandMs183561922-1924Documents relating to the internment of Gallagher, m...Frank Gallagher Papers
9753National Library of IrelandMs183591927-1928Documents relating to a tour in the US by Gallagher ...Frank Gallagher Papers
9754National Library of IrelandMs183641931-1953Documents relating to legislation on adoption, inclu...Frank Gallagher Papers
9755National Library of IrelandMs183671939-1940Documents relating to the visit of Gallagher to the ...Frank Gallagher Papers
9756National Library of IrelandMs183711946-1948Seven letters to Gallagher from Welsh nationalists, ...Frank Gallagher Papers
10843National Library of IrelandMs212081913-1955Correspondence relating to the activities of Kathlee...Frank Gallagher Papers
10844National Library of IrelandMs212091927Letter from Frank Gallagher in New York to his wife,...Frank Gallagher Papers
10845National Library of IrelandMs212101928-1932Letters to Gallagher from Lady Gregory, mostly relat...Frank Gallagher Papers
10846National Library of IrelandMs212171942Letters and telegrams to Frank Gallagher, expression...Frank Gallagher Papers
10847National Library of IrelandMs21231c.1954-1955Six letters to Frank Gallagher from Mary Hughes, Bro...Frank Gallagher Papers
10848National Library of IrelandMs212331954Letters to Gallagher from Mary C. Bromage with a com...Frank Gallagher Papers
10849National Library of IrelandMs212341954-1959Five letters to Frank Gallagher from Sinéad d...Frank Gallagher Papers
10850National Library of IrelandMs212411958Letter to Gallagher from Estella Solomons acknowledg...Frank Gallagher Papers
10851National Library of IrelandMs212421958Letters [to the editor of The Sunday Press?] from Ma...Frank Gallagher Papers
10852National Library of IrelandMs21257[?1940]Typescript account by Nellie Gifford Donnelly of the...Frank Gallagher Papers
10853National Library of IrelandMs21258[?1940]Typescript essay on social welfare in ancient Irelan...Frank Gallagher Papers
11021National Library of IrelandMs18340c.1929-1946Letters to Gallagher from Dorothy Macardle relating ...Frank Gallagher Papers

Repository: Trinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives Department

Repository NameTrinity College Dublin, Manuscripts and Archives Department
AddressOld Library Dublin 2
EircodeD02 PN40
Telephone(01) 896-1189
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CommentThe information listed from this repository has been extracted from lists available in the archives. The lists were compiled by staff of Trinity College, Dublin Library and we are grateful for their assistance. Due to time constraints not all items in this repository were examined individually. We are grateful to Felicity O'Mahony for providing information on items and collections added since 1999.

32 Results