Collection: Home Rule

Repository: Kilmainham Gaol Museum

Repository NameKilmainham Gaol Museum
AddressVisitor Centre Kilmainham Courthouse Inchicore Road Kilmainham Dublin 8
EircodeD08 RK28
Telephone(01) 453-5984
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CommentThe material listed was compiled from the computer database of the Gaol. We are grateful for the assistance provided by Ms Niamh O'Sullivan.

23 Results

12383Kilmainham Gaol Museum9MT-1C11-1Sample mortuary cards, eight.Home Rule
12384Kilmainham Gaol Museum9PL-1K44-5Pamphlets published by the Irish Loyal and Patriotic...Home Rule
12385Kilmainham Gaol Museum10EF-1E14-3A wooden box belonging to Mary Eleanor Lane Maunsell...Home Rule
12387Kilmainham Gaol Museum10EF-1E16-8A gold and glass locket containing a coloured miniat...Home Rule
12388Kilmainham Gaol Museum10EF-1E16-9Garnet brooch in presentation box which belonged to ...Home Rule
12389Kilmainham Gaol Museum10EF-1E16-11A gold locket containing a picture of Clare O'Shea.Home Rule
12390Kilmainham Gaol Museum10LR-1B11-19Copy of a letter to a prisoner.Home Rule
12391Kilmainham Gaol Museum10PC-1A42-4Copy of a photograph of Miss Eileen O'Donovan Rossa.Home Rule
12392Kilmainham Gaol Museum10PO-1E13-26Photograph of Katie O'Shea, daughter of Charles Stew...Home Rule
13214Kilmainham Gaol Museum9EF-3G11-41882Silver Easter Egg presented by the Liverpool branch ...Home Rule
13215Kilmainham Gaol Museum9LR-1B11-161882Letter from prisoner called Tommy to Miss Mary Bresl...Home Rule
13227Kilmainham Gaol Museum9LG-1C26-141887Application by Margaret Doyle, 26 Bath Avenue, Dubli...Home Rule
13257Kilmainham Gaol Museum10LR-1B11-191898A photocopy of a censored letter to a prisoner J.464...Home Rule
13264Kilmainham Gaol Museum10LG-1C35-71899Memorandum of tenancy agreement between Mrs Henry Ll...Home Rule
13288Kilmainham Gaol Museum10LG-1C35-81904294 committal orders from the Dublin Metropolitan Po...Home Rule
13292Kilmainham Gaol Museum10PO-1A22-81906Photograph of O'Donovan Rossa and family, 24 May 190...Home Rule
13295Kilmainham Gaol Museum10PD-1E1B-221907Postcard from Clare Gabrielle O'Shea to Bertram Maun...Home Rule
13302Kilmainham Gaol Museum10VP-5A11-121908Oil painting of Tillie Lowe Murphy, by Anna Parnell,...Home Rule
13303Kilmainham Gaol Museum10PO-1E13-231908Colour photograph of Clare Gabrielle O'Shea, 1908.Home Rule
13308Kilmainham Gaol Museum10LG-1H11-041909Death certificate of Clare Gabrielle Maunsell, 17 Se...Home Rule
13320Kilmainham Gaol Museum10PL-1C13-71911Programme of the Royal Progress visit of George V an...Home Rule
13335Kilmainham Gaol Museum10LR-1E14-81914Letter from Sir Herbert Thompson to Mrs Katherine Pa...Home Rule
13468Kilmainham Gaol Museum10LG-1C35-41900
Marriage certificate of Casimir Markievicz and Const...Home Rule