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9097National Library of IrelandMs143611718-1726Rent Roll of the gales due out of the town of Sixmil...Inchiquin Papers
9098National Library of IrelandMss14369-143701719-1723Account of Mrs Catherine O'Brien with Sir Edward O'B...Inchiquin Papers
9099National Library of IrelandMs143711720Rent Roll, estates of William O'Brien, 4th Earl of I...Inchiquin Papers
9100National Library of IrelandMss14480-144811719-1722Accounts of James Davoren with Catherine O'Brien rel...Inchiquin Papers
9101National Library of IrelandMs14487Photographs, many of the O'Brien family of Dromoland...Inchiquin Papers
9102National Library of IrelandMs144881854-1870Notes on deeds and indentures, etc., together with p...Inchiquin Papers
9103National Library of IrelandMs144911686-1688Accounts, mostly with tenants, Munster and County Ca...Inchiquin Papers
9104National Library of IrelandMs144931759-1761Rent Ledger relating to the County Clare lands of Si...Inchiquin Papers
9105National Library of IrelandMs144951815Accounts, mostly tenants and workmen of the Dromolan...Inchiquin Papers
9106National Library of IrelandMs14502A nineteenth-century album of sketches and poems wit...Inchiquin Papers
9107National Library of IrelandMs144981806-1810Journal of the journey to the court of the Emperor o...Inchiquin Papers
9108National Library of IrelandMss14605-146111864-1870Rentals and Accounts of the County Limerick estate o...Inchiquin Papers
9109National Library of IrelandMs14613c1834Rent Roll of the estates of Sir Edward O'Brien, Coun...Inchiquin Papers
9110National Library of IrelandMs14614c1836A return on the leases of tenancies on the estates o...Inchiquin Papers
9111National Library of IrelandMss14622-146591861-1872Rent Books of thirty eight tenants of Lord Inchiquin...Inchiquin Papers
9112National Library of IrelandMs146611861-1867Rent Book of Margaret Hickie, Knockascibole, 1861-18...Inchiquin Papers
9113National Library of IrelandMss14662-146641861-1868Rent Books of tenants of Lord Inchiquin, 1861-1868, ...Inchiquin Papers
9114National Library of IrelandMss14665-146931861-1872Rent books of twenty nine tenants of Lord Inchiquin ...Inchiquin Papers
9115National Library of IrelandMs146941865-1871Domestic accounts and summaries of the A'Court famil...Inchiquin Papers
9116National Library of IrelandMss14695-146961890A diary of a tour in Eygpt, Palestine, Turkey and Gr...Inchiquin Papers
9117National Library of IrelandMs146971885A diary of a tour in Egypt, Palestine and Italy, 188...Inchiquin Papers
9118National Library of IrelandMss14710-147111892-1895Account of money received from the County Clare tena...Inchiquin Papers
9119National Library of IrelandMs147121869-1870Cash book of C Shaw, a female servant of the O'Brien...Inchiquin Papers
9120National Library of IrelandMs147381837A book of riddles, enigmas, charades and conundrums ...Inchiquin Papers
9121National Library of IrelandMss14740-147411849-1851Rent Arrears Book of County Clare tenants of Lucius ...Inchiquin Papers
9122National Library of IrelandMs147421894-1935Diary of a tour in Egypt, 1894, and of a second tour...Inchiquin Papers
9123National Library of IrelandMs147431833-1834Diary of a tour in Belgium, 1833, and notes on relig...Inchiquin Papers
9124National Library of IrelandMs147461863-1867
Miscellaneous papers, these include: Menus and dinne...Inchiquin Papers
9125National Library of IrelandMs147481903-1914Titles and notes on books read and worth reading, by...Inchiquin Papers
9126National Library of IrelandMs147491887-1930Diary of a tour in Italy and Switzerland, by Ethel, ...Inchiquin Papers
9127National Library of IrelandMss14750-147531880-1883Diary of Katherine L Foster, Moor Park, Salop, 1880-...Inchiquin Papers
9128National Library of IrelandMs147541848Diary of Mary, Lady Inchiquin, 1848.Inchiquin Papers
9129National Library of IrelandMss14757-147611543-1862Deeds, wills and other documents, mainly relating to...Inchiquin Papers
9130National Library of IrelandMs147671748-1786The papers includes Rent Roll of the estates of Sir ...Inchiquin Papers
9131National Library of IrelandMs147681797-1808Cash Book mostly relating to transactions with tenan...Inchiquin Papers
9132National Library of IrelandMs14770-147711815-1830Cash Book, mainly relating to transactions with tena...Inchiquin Papers
9133National Library of IrelandMs147741848-1862Account Book, Dromoland estate, detailing domestic a...Inchiquin Papers
9134National Library of IrelandMs147861660-1753A collection of domestic recipes and medical prescri...Inchiquin Papers
9135National Library of IrelandMs14787A nineteenth-century photograph album of Ellen O'Bri...Inchiquin Papers
9136National Library of IrelandMs147981795-1799Rent Ledger of the County Clare estate of Sir Edward...Inchiquin Papers
9137National Library of IrelandMs148001795-1828Rent Roll of the estates of Sir Edward O'Brien: Coun...Inchiquin Papers
9138National Library of IrelandMs14801-148021855-1892Rent Ledger of the County Clare estates of the 14th ...Inchiquin Papers
9139National Library of IrelandMs148041883-1892Newscuttings, with some material on Lord and Lady In...Inchiquin Papers
9140National Library of IrelandMs148141688-1692A book of accounts of rents due to Sir Donagh O'Brie...Inchiquin Papers
9141National Library of IrelandMs148371687-1689Accounts of the Earl of Thomond with his tenants, Co...Inchiquin Papers
9142National Library of IrelandMss14848-148491880-1886Wages Books of domestic servants employed at Dromola...Inchiquin Papers
9143National Library of IrelandMss14850-148511877-1887Meat books of the housekeeper at Dromoland, 1877-188...Inchiquin Papers
9144National Library of IrelandMss14852-148541857-1864Housekeeper's Accounts at Dromoland: October 1857-Ma...Inchiquin Papers
9145National Library of IrelandMs148581864-1875Diary of Hannah Jane Foster, 1864-1875.Inchiquin Papers
9146National Library of IrelandMs148591830-1845Memorandum of Charlotte O'Brien for travelling and d...Inchiquin Papers
9147National Library of IrelandMss14860-14863c1858Notebooks in French compiled by Hannah Jane Foster, ...Inchiquin Papers
9148National Library of IrelandMs148641860-1884Transcripts of poetry and prose, compiled by Hannah ...Inchiquin Papers
9149National Library of IrelandMs148651858Notes on the reigns of Louis XIV and Louis XV by Han...Inchiquin Papers
9150National Library of IrelandMs148661826-1827Personal Account Book of Mrs Lewis Johnston and her ...Inchiquin Papers
9151National Library of IrelandMss14868-148691836Copy made by Lady Charlotte O'Brien of documents and...Inchiquin Papers
9152National Library of IrelandMs148751924Diary of Ethel, Lady Inchiquin, 1924.Inchiquin Papers
9153National Library of IrelandMs148791881Notes on the New Testament compiled by Katharine Lae...Inchiquin Papers
9154National Library of IrelandMs14887A book of domestic recipes compiled by Elizabeth, Co...Inchiquin Papers
9155National Library of IrelandMss14889-148901856-1860Notes on religious subjects compiled by Hannah Jane ...Inchiquin Papers