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Collection DescriptionKevin Street Library was opened in 1904 by Dublin Corporation following a recommendation in 1901by the Public Libraries Committee to buy a plot of land near the technical school on Kevin Street. The first chief librarian in the library was John Whelan who was transferred there from Thomas Street Library. The library suffered from many difficulties in its early years including the death of library assistant William Brinkley in 1906 and financial difficulties with staff not being paid and a large debt having been accumulated. During the First World War, the library was used as a way to recruit men for service when pamphlets about recruiting where made available. The library also allowed the Soldiers and Sailors Families Association to meet ever Saturday night throughout the war. From July 1922 with soldiers occupying the Peter Street Dispensary, Kevin Street Library was called upon by the law agents office to act as a distribution centre to hand out aid to those affected by the fighting in Dublin city. John Whelan was central to the foundation of Cumann na Leabharlann, an association that was integral in the foundation of Public Libraries across Ireland. Numerous individuals and groups wrote to the association on their efforts at convincing their local council or district to set up a public library in their area [DCLA]

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