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Collection DescriptionThe Lawrence Collection consists of 40,000 glass plate negatives from 1870-1914. The images were produced commercially and capture scenes of that period throughout Ireland. The bulk of the outdoor images were taken by Robert French, the Lawrences' chief photographer.

The majority of images from all counties has been catalogued onto the Library's Online Catalogue and these are accompanied by scanned images of the photographs. Images which have been catalogued can be searched for using subject keywords such as 'evictions', 'fairs' and 'markets'. Most images (exluding the "New Series" part of the collection) may still be viewed on microfilm.

The entire Lawrence Royal and Cabinet collections (19,331 plates) has been digitised and may be viewed through the Online Catalogue.

The Eblana Collection of 3,000 glass plates is a precursor to the Lawrence Collection and many of the images were later used by the Lawrence studios. The original card catalogue has been copied and is now available in the Reading Room [NLI].
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CommentThe information listed from this repository has been extracted from lists available in the archives. It must be remembered that due to time constraints not all items in this repository were examined individually.

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11553National Photographic ArchiveLawrence65Bantry: Ardnagashill house with men in a boat and wo...Lawrence Photographic Collection
11554National Photographic ArchiveLawrence160Weaving room, convent, Skibbereen, County Cork.Lawrence Photographic Collection
11555National Photographic ArchiveLawrence161Convent dormitory, Skibbereen?Lawrence Photographic Collection
11556National Photographic ArchiveLawrence163Convent weaving room, Queenstown.Lawrence Photographic Collection
11557National Photographic ArchiveLawrence164Convent schools, Queenstown.Lawrence Photographic Collection
11558National Photographic ArchiveLawrence165Weaving room in convent, Skibbereen.Lawrence Photographic Collection
11559National Photographic ArchiveLawrence667View of Corn-market, Cork, showing dealers and their...Lawrence Photographic Collection
11560National Photographic ArchiveLawrence993View of Esplanade, Queenstown, with women and childr...Lawrence Photographic Collection
11561National Photographic ArchiveLawrence1031Workroom in convent school, Skibbereen.Lawrence Photographic Collection
11562National Photographic ArchiveLawrence1330View of the Esplanade, Whitehead, with women and chi...Lawrence Photographic Collection
11566National Photographic ArchiveLawrence Eblana26621887House of widow McNamar, Bodyke, County Clare, June 1...Lawrence Photographic Collection
11568National Photographic ArchiveLawrence6579View of traders and their produce at the fish market...Lawrence Photographic Collection
11569National Photographic ArchiveLawrence6827View of a cottage at the gap of Dunloe, showing a la...Lawrence Photographic Collection
11570National Photographic ArchiveLawrence6904View of Glebe Lane, Killarney, showing carts and a g...Lawrence Photographic Collection
11571National Photographic ArchiveLawrence7306Killarney: view of Kate Kearney's cottage, Gap o...Lawrence Photographic Collection
11572National Photographic ArchiveLawrence6041View of two ladies and a gentleman on an outside car...Lawrence Photographic Collection
11573National Photographic ArchiveLawrence3852A group of women kneeling in prayer on Station Islan...Lawrence Photographic Collection
21340National Photographic ArchiveNPA LCAB; LIMP; LROY; LNS1865-1914The Lawrence Photographic Collection is made up of s...Lawrence Photographic Collection