Collection: Mendicity Institute

Repository: National Library of Ireland

Repository NameNational Library of Ireland
AddressNational Library of Ireland Department of Manuscripts 2-3 Kildare Street Dublin 2
EircodeD02 TR76
Telephone(01) 603-0386
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19 Results

5007National Library of IrelandMs32599/1-301819-1902Minute Books of the Mendicity Institute: 1 22 July ...Mendicity Institute
5008National Library of IrelandMs32600/1-111884-1969Transmission Books: 29 1 July 1884-24 August 1886 3...Mendicity Institute
5009National Library of IrelandMs32601/1-61830-1929Admission Books: 11 October 1859-20 March 1860 8 Aug...Mendicity Institute
5010National Library of IrelandMs 32603183044 Standing Rules and Regulations, [1830?].Mendicity Institute
5011National Library of IrelandMs32,6031862-1873Abstract of the Bathing Department, 1 November 1862-...Mendicity Institute
5012National Library of IrelandMs326041852-189348 Memorandum Book of Bathing Department, 28 June 1...Mendicity Institute
5013National Library of IrelandMs32605/1-21812-1869Rents Received: 49 1812-1842 50 1841-1869.Mendicity Institute
5014National Library of IrelandMs32606/1-31841-1872Expenses Ledger: 51 30 January 1841-25 March 1848 5...Mendicity Institute
5015National Library of IrelandMs326071864-188454 Wages Ledger, 5 November 1864-29 November 1884.Mendicity Institute
5016National Library of IrelandMs32608/1-31847-1946Finance Books: 55 1 November 1847-3 October 1854 56...Mendicity Institute
5017National Library of IrelandMs326091857-186657 Book of Sales, 6 June 1857-17 November 1866.Mendicity Institute
5018National Library of IrelandMs32610/1-61812-1963Cash Books: 58 7 May 1812-31 October 1833 59 3 No...Mendicity Institute
5019National Library of IrelandMs32611/1-21839-1872Subscription Books: 63 16 February 1839-14 August 18...Mendicity Institute
5020National Library of IrelandMs326121886-196376 Subscription and Donations Books, 1886-1963.Mendicity Institute
5021National Library of IrelandMs32613183065 Index to the Journals to Volumes, 1-5, 1830.Mendicity Institute
5022National Library of IrelandMs326141853-186266 Journal of the Mendicity Institute, 4 April 1853...Mendicity Institute
5023National Library of IrelandMs32615/1-41824-1906Ledgers: 68 10 January 1824-1 January 1842 69 1 Ja...Mendicity Institute
5024National Library of IrelandMs326161917-191975 Letterbook, 2 October 1917-20 February 1919.Mendicity Institute
5025National Library of IrelandMs33556Sheets of printed investigation tickets, no date.Mendicity Institute