Collection: Registry of Friendly Societies

Repository: National Archives of Ireland

Repository NameNational Archives of Ireland
Address8 Bishop Street Dublin 8
EircodeD08 DF85
Telephone(01) 407-2300
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15 Results

3910National Archives of IrelandR353D1914-1920Industrial and Provident Societies. Newmarket Co-Ope...Registry of Friendly Societies
3911National Archives of IrelandR442D1912-1915Industrial and Provident Societies. Ballysakeery Co-...Registry of Friendly Societies
3912National Archives of IrelandR1190D1914-1937Industrial and Provident Societies.North Donegal Han...Registry of Friendly Societies
3913National Archives of IrelandT315D1916-1961.Industrial and Provident Societies. Dublin Guild of ...Registry of Friendly Societies
3914National Archives of IrelandT380D1926-1932.Industrial and Provident Societies: United Bakery Wo...Registry of Friendly Societies
3915National Archives of IrelandT351L1921-1961Industrial and Provident Societies. Irish National T...Registry of Friendly Societies
3916National Archives of IrelandT332D1919-1961Industrial and Provident Societies:Irish Women's...Registry of Friendly Societies
3917National Archives of IrelandT224D1903-1928Industrial and Provident Societies.Poulterers and Fi...Registry of Friendly Societies
4951National Archives of IrelandF1230/Dublin(D)/A-B1911-1928Files relating to the United Irishwomen, 1911-1928; ...Registry of Friendly Societies
4952National Archives of IrelandF19/Kerry(D)/A-B1912-1959Files relating to the Ardfet and Aghadoe Clergy Wido...Registry of Friendly Societies
4953National Archives of IrelandF148/Dublin(D)/A-B1891-1928Files relating to the Saint Elias Male and Female Bu...Registry of Friendly Societies
4954National Archives of IrelandF498/Dublin(D)/A-B1913-1938Files relating to Protestant Female Burial Society, ...Registry of Friendly Societies
4955National Archives of IrelandF1409/Dublin(D)/A-B1913-1916Files relating to the Catholic Girls Insurance Socie...Registry of Friendly Societies
4956National Archives of IrelandF1487/Dublin(D)/A-B1913File relating to the Nurses Insurance Society of Ire...Registry of Friendly Societies
4957National Archives of IrelandF1659/Dublin(L)/A1935-1957File relating to Irish Women Workers Pensions Benevo...Registry of Friendly Societies