Collection: Stacpoole Kenny Papers

Repository: National Library of Ireland

Repository NameNational Library of Ireland
AddressNational Library of Ireland Department of Manuscripts 2-3 Kildare Street Dublin 2
EircodeD02 TR76
Telephone(01) 603-0386
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17 Results

6898National Library of IrelandMs18890[1815]Letter to John Macnamara, Moher, County Clare from S...Stacpoole Kenny Papers
6899National Library of IrelandMs188921812Three letters to John Macnamara, Moher, County Clare...Stacpoole Kenny Papers
6900National Library of IrelandMs188931840-1854Letters to John Macnamara from Mary Frances Woulfe, ...Stacpoole Kenny Papers
6901National Library of IrelandMs18894c1833-1881Letters to Louisa Macnamara, Rock Lodge, Ennistymon,...Stacpoole Kenny Papers
6902National Library of IrelandMs188951854-1858Letters to [Louisa?] Macnamara, Ennistymon, County C...Stacpoole Kenny Papers
6903National Library of IrelandMs188991856-1868Letters to John Barrymore Macnamara, Ennistymon from...Stacpoole Kenny Papers
6904National Library of IrelandMs189011863-1874Letters to John Barrymore Macnamara from Georgina O'...Stacpoole Kenny Papers
6905National Library of IrelandMs189021864-1866Three letters to John Barrymore Macnamara, Ennistymo...Stacpoole Kenny Papers
6906National Library of IrelandMs189051840Letter of Michael Stacpoole, Milford [County Limeri...Stacpoole Kenny Papers
6907National Library of IrelandMs18,9131852-1853Notices to quit from Mary Louisa Stacpoole to tenant...Stacpoole Kenny Papers
6908National Library of IrelandMs18914c1859-1875Documents relating to Helena Kenny, Dublin, (late of...Stacpoole Kenny Papers
6909National Library of IrelandMs189191898-1931Business letters to Thomas Kenny, solicitor, and to ...Stacpoole Kenny Papers
6910National Library of IrelandMs189201922-1923Letters to Louise Stacpoole Kenny, Bray, County Wick...Stacpoole Kenny Papers
11060National Library of IrelandMs188861812-1828Letters, mainly to John Macnamara, Moher, County Cla...Stacpoole Kenny Papers
11065National Library of IrelandMss19177-191821873-1893Six diaries of Louise Stacpoole Kenny, Ennistymon, C...Stacpoole Kenny Papers
11066National Library of IrelandMs191831875Exercise book [of Louise Stacpoole Kenny?] Paris, 18...Stacpoole Kenny Papers
11067National Library of IrelandMs19185Notebook [of Louise Stacpoole Kenny?] containing som...Stacpoole Kenny Papers