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Repository NameWestmeath County Archives Department
AddressWestmeath County Library Headquarters County Buildings Mount Street Mullingar County Westmeath
EircodeN91 FH4N
Telephone(044) 933-2162
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CommentSome of the information listed from this repository has been extracted from lists available in the archive. The lists were compiled by Grainne Doran, midland regional archivist and we are grateful for her assistance. Due to time constraints, not all items in this repository were examined individually.

84 Results

19195Westmeath County Archives Department1899-1976Westmeath County Council Minute Books:April 1899 - J...Westmeath County Council
19196Westmeath County Archives Department1909-1954Register of Births and indexed Minute Books:1 June 1...Westmeath County Council
19197Westmeath County Archives Department1918-1949Certificates of Death, 1918-1949.Westmeath County Council
19198Westmeath County Archives Department1922-1954Register of Cases of Successful Vaccinations:8 April...Westmeath County Council
19199Westmeath County Archives Department1921-1942Westmeath County Board of Health and Public Assistan...Westmeath County Council
19209Westmeath County Archives Department1948-1953Estimates, 1948-1953Westmeath County Council
19200Westmeath County Archives Department1935-1955Medical Assistance and Relief Registers: including n...Westmeath County Council
19201Westmeath County Archives Department1958-1976University Scholarships Register:1958-1975  Uni...Westmeath County Council
19202Westmeath County Archives Department1964-1978Mullingar Swimming Pool, 1964-1978Westmeath County Council
19203Westmeath County Archives Department1944-1983Documentation relating to bye-laws concerning nuisan...Westmeath County Council
19204Westmeath County Archives Department1961-1978Delvin sewerage scheme, 1961-1978Westmeath County Council
19205Westmeath County Archives Department1964-1975Mullingar Regional water supply scheme, stage 1, 196...Westmeath County Council
19206Westmeath County Archives Department1966-1967Mullingar sewerage, 1966-1967Westmeath County Council
19207Westmeath County Archives Department1932-1954Housing (loans charges contributions) regulations (1...Westmeath County Council
19208Westmeath County Archives Department1943-1989Documentation relating burial grounds, closure of et...Westmeath County Council
19210Westmeath County Archives Department1951-1954File relating to Westmeath County Council in account...Westmeath County Council
19211Westmeath County Archives Department1947-1951File relating to Vocational Education Committee, 194...Westmeath County Council
19212Westmeath County Archives Department1951-1956Free milk scheme and fertiliser and seed supply sche...Westmeath County Council
19213Westmeath County Archives Department1949-1951Particulars of lodgements received from County Surve...Westmeath County Council
19214Westmeath County Archives Department1944-1955Service Record of Officers, Westmeath County Council...Westmeath County Council
19215Westmeath County Archives Department1954-1961 Westmeath County Council Excepted Employment Regist...Westmeath County Council
19216Westmeath County Archives Department1958-1971Salary Record Cards:1958-1971Westmeath County Council
19217Westmeath County Archives Department1970-1972Staff Attendance Register:3 December 1970 -13 March ...Westmeath County Council
19218Westmeath County Archives Department1971-1972Salaries Register:16 April 1971-27 June 1972Westmeath County Council
19219Westmeath County Archives Department1899-1967General Ledgers, Westmeath County Council:1899-1967Westmeath County Council
19220Westmeath County Archives Department1899-1945Westmeath County Council, Financial Statement Expend...Westmeath County Council
19221Westmeath County Archives Department1925-1950Westmeath County Council, General Expenditure Books:...Westmeath County Council
19222Westmeath County Archives Department1907-1952Financial Statement Expenditure, Subsidiary Account ...Westmeath County Council
19223Westmeath County Archives Department1899-1954Financial Statement, Receipts Books:1899-1954Westmeath County Council
19224Westmeath County Archives Department1938-1961Register of Separate Charges:[12 August 1938]-31 Mar...Westmeath County Council
19225Westmeath County Archives Department1930-1948Westmeath County Council Collector's Abstract of...Westmeath County Council
19226Westmeath County Archives Department1927-1940Salary Registers:1927-1940Westmeath County Council
19227Westmeath County Archives Department1943-1951Recurring Payments Registers:1943-1951Westmeath County Council
19228Westmeath County Archives Department1944-1965Westmeath County Council, Registers of Insurances:19...Westmeath County Council
19229Westmeath County Archives Department1880-1954Registers of Mortgages:1880-1954Westmeath County Council
19230Westmeath County Archives Department1955-1972Record Book of Refund of Rates:1955-1972Westmeath County Council
19231Westmeath County Archives Department1962-1969Summary Receipt Ledgers:1962-1969Westmeath County Council
19232Westmeath County Archives Department1964-1968Water Rate Book and Rental:1 April 1964-31 March 196...Westmeath County Council
19233Westmeath County Archives Department1931-1944Board of Health Cottages Ledger:10 April 1931-12 Jan...Westmeath County Council
19234Westmeath County Archives Department1944-1956Registers of Purchasers' Cottages:1944-1956Westmeath County Council
19235Westmeath County Archives Department1949-1953Labourers' Cottages, increase in rent due to rat...Westmeath County Council
19236Westmeath County Archives Department1934-1943Board of Health, Contractors' Ledger:7 May 1934-...Westmeath County Council
19237Westmeath County Archives Department1946-1952Interim Control Register:6 June 1946- 23 October 195...Westmeath County Council
19238Westmeath County Archives Department1953-1968Register of Loans under Small Dwellings Acquisition ...Westmeath County Council
19239Westmeath County Archives Department1958-1967Rental Register:31 March 1958-31 March 1967Westmeath County Council
19240Westmeath County Archives Department1960-1968Revised rents on Labourers' Cottages:25 January ...Westmeath County Council
19241Westmeath County Archives Department1966-1968Westmeath County Council half-yearly abstract of ren...Westmeath County Council
19242Westmeath County Archives Department1951-1964Condemned Dwellings Register:[1951-1964]Westmeath County Council
19243Westmeath County Archives Department1952-1971Labourers' Cottages Ledgers:1952-1971Westmeath County Council
19244Westmeath County Archives Department1923-1971Labourers'  Cottages Rent Collection Books:...Westmeath County Council
19245Westmeath County Archives Department1947-1957Alphabetical List of Applicants for Housing:[1947-19...Westmeath County Council
19246Westmeath County Archives Department1950-1967Grant Application Registers:1950-1967Westmeath County Council
19247Westmeath County Archives Department1952-1978Grant Reconstruction Books:1952-1978Westmeath County Council
19248Westmeath County Archives Department1968-1970Artisans Dwellings General Rental:31 March 1968-31 M...Westmeath County Council
19249Westmeath County Archives Department1947-1957Register of Transactions, Housing (Amendment) Act, 1...Westmeath County Council
19250Westmeath County Archives Department1954-1990Westmeath County Council Nominal Roll of Cottages:1 ...Westmeath County Council
19251Westmeath County Archives Department1956-1974Housing and Sanitary Expenditure and Receipt Books:1...Westmeath County Council
19252Westmeath County Archives Department1927-1935Westmeath Board of Health Northwestern Sub-Committee...Westmeath County Council
19253Westmeath County Archives Department1931-1934Westmeath Board of Health TB Minute Book:1931- 1934Westmeath County Council
19254Westmeath County Archives Department1920-1931Westmeath Board of Health TB Minute Book:August 1920...Westmeath County Council
19255Westmeath County Archives Department1922-1925Westmeath County Home Minute Books, Finance meetings...Westmeath County Council
19257Westmeath County Archives Department1878-1972Valuation Lists:1878-1972Westmeath County Council
19258Westmeath County Archives Department1930-1967County Rate Books, Westmeath County Council:1930-196...Westmeath County Council
19259Westmeath County Archives Department1918-1920Financial Statement Receipt Book, Tuberculosis Commi...Westmeath County Council
19260Westmeath County Archives Department1937-1972Sheep Dipping Inspector's Book:1937-1972  Westmeath County Council
19261Westmeath County Archives Department1926-1973Members' Attendance Registers:1926-1973Westmeath County Council
19262Westmeath County Archives Department1940-1961Westmeath County Council Petty Cash Book:8 February ...Westmeath County Council
19263Westmeath County Archives Department1944-1949Westmeath County Council Paying Patients Register, P...Westmeath County Council
19264Westmeath County Archives Department1950-1954Westmeath County Council Seed Supply Scheme:29 Novem...Westmeath County Council
19265Westmeath County Archives Department1942-1956Manager's Order Book:30 November 1942-12 Decembe...Westmeath County Council
19266Westmeath County Archives Department1940-1989Registers of Managers' Orders:1940-1989  Westmeath County Council
19267Westmeath County Archives Department1955-1975Day Book, Westmeath County Council:April 1955-April ...Westmeath County Council
19268Westmeath County Archives Department1950-1956Westmeath County Council, documentation regarding su...Westmeath County Council
19269Westmeath County Archives Department1946-1962Granting of licences under Cinematography Act, 1901:...Westmeath County Council
19270Westmeath County Archives Department1958-1959Westmeath County Council Milk for Mothers and Childr...Westmeath County Council
19271Westmeath County Archives Department1963-1974Register of Milk Dealers' Licences:1 January 196...Westmeath County Council
19272Westmeath County Archives Department1949-1970Bookings Book regarding town hall, Mullingar:1949-19...Westmeath County Council
19273Westmeath County Archives Department1950-1971Register of Scholarships in Secondary, Vocational an...Westmeath County Council
19274Westmeath County Archives Department1949-1968Home Assistance and Expenditure Books:31 March 1949-...Westmeath County Council
19275Westmeath County Archives Department1899Kilbeggan Rural District Rate Ledger:30 September 18...Westmeath County Council
19285Westmeath County Archives Department1943-1946Public Assistance Ledger:[25 January 1943-2 March 19...Westmeath County Council
19425Westmeath County Archives Department1916-1953Medical Officer's report of all children born in...Westmeath County Council
19426Westmeath County Archives Department1920-1936Westmeath County Infirmary Minutes:1920-19331933-193...Westmeath County Council
19427Westmeath County Archives Department1945-1946Combined Home Assistance Register, Assistance List a...Westmeath County Council