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5048Laois Local Studies1844-1919Minute Books:27 January 1844- 22 March 184514 Februa...Abbeyleix Poor Law Union
5486Laois Local Studies1934-1952Assistance Officers Expenditure Book:284. Receipt an...Laois Local Authority Records
5487Laois Local Studies1930-1947St Vincent De Paul:314. St Vincent de Paul Minutes o...Laois Local Authority Records
5488Laois Local StudiesB5/dvi/383-4091951-1961Nurses Report Books, 6 November 1951-23 June 1961, 2...Laois Local Authority Records
5489Laois Local Studies1844-1919Minute Books:1844-19451852-195418591872-19821885-198...Abbeyleix Poor Law Union
5490Laois Local Studies1851-1896Order Books of the Petty Sessions, Stradbally:Novemb...Petty Sessions Records
5605Laois Local Studies1900-1966Minute Books, 1930-1939, 6 volumes. Receipt Book, 1...Maryborough District Lunatic Asylum
5686Laois Local StudiesD/89-931926-60Labourers Cottage General Rental Book:89. 192690. 19...Laois Local Authority Records
5683Laois Local StudiesA/1920-40General Administration and Finance. Treasurers Cash ...Laois County Council
5687Laois Local StudiesE/1936-1953General Registers:94. Register of Food Premises, 195...Laois County Council
5689Laois Local StudiesB2/B/1930-1953Rate Book, Athy Rural District Council:114. Rate Boo...Laois Local Authority Records
5690Laois Local StudiesB2/B/1929-60Ballickmoyler and Newtown, Rate Books:122. 1929-1930...Laois Local Authority Records
5691Laois Local StudiesB2/B/1934-1961Ballinakill Rate Books:126. 1934-1935127. 1935-19361...Laois Local Authority Records
5692Laois Local StudiesB2/C/1942-1959Rate Book Ballylynan:1957-1960Laois Local Authority Records
5693Laois Local StudiesB2/F/1932-53Rate Book, Ballyroan:139. 1932-1933140. 1934-1935141...Laois Local Authority Records
5694Laois Local StudiesB2/G/1939-1945Barrow Drainage Scheme, Rate Book:149. 1939-1940150....Laois Local Authority Records
5701Laois Local StudiesB2/N/1935-1953Rate Books, Mountrath:217. 1935-1936223. 1949-195022...Laois Local Authority Records
5708Laois Local Studies282-2831948-1953Salary Public Assistance Expenditure Books:282. 1948...Laois Local Authority Records
5695Laois Local StudiesB2/H/1937-1961Castletown Rate Books:153. 1934-1935154. 1937-193815...Laois Local Authority Records
5696Laois Local StudiesB2/I/1933-1952Rate Book, Clonaslee:165. 1933-1934166. 1934-1935167...Laois Local Authority Records
5697Laois Local StudiesB2/J/1934-1953Rate Book, Coolrain:175. 1934-1935176. 1936-1937177....Laois Local Authority Records
5698Laois Local StudiesB2/K/1930-1961Rate Book, Durrow:185. 1930-1931186. 1935-1936187. 1...Laois Local Authority Records
5699Laois Local StudiesB2/L/1934-1961Rate Book, Emo:199. 1934-1935200. 1937-1938   &...Laois Local Authority Records
5700Laois Local StudiesB2/M/1925-1960Rate Book, Mountmellick:207. 1925-1926208. 1934-1935...Laois Local Authority Records
5709Laois Local Studies291-3031944-1960Assistant Officers List and Expenditure Book:Assista...Laois County Council
5710Laois Local Studies304-3091934-1953Blind Welfare Scheme:304. Home Assistance Expenditur...Laois Local Authority Records
5711Laois Local Studies310-3131947-1956Free Milk Distribution Service:Free Milk Distributio...Laois Local Authority Records
5702Laois Local StudiesB2/O/1934-61Rate Books, Portarlington South:226. Consolidated Ac...Laois Local Authority Records
5703Laois Local StudiesB2/P/1935-1956Rate Book, Portlaoise:235. 1935-1936236. 1935-193623...Laois Local Authority Records
5704Laois Local StudiesB2/8/1935-1961Rate Book, Rathdowney:245. 1960-1961, Rural and Urba...Laois Local Authority Records
5705Laois Local StudiesB2/E/1936-1951Rate Book, Roscrea:256. 1936-1937257. 1937-1938258. ...Laois Local Authority Records
5706Laois Local StudiesB2/S/1930-1953Rate Book, Slievemargy:265. 1930-1931266. 1933-1934 ...Laois Local Authority Records
5712Laois Local Studies316-3221931-1949Health Board General Account: 316. 1931 317. 1934 3...Laois County Council
5715Laois Local Studies341-3441926-1948These records are closed. Register of Cases Sent to...Laois Local Authority Records
5716Laois Local Studies345-3461924-1951Abbeyleix District Hospital:345. Consolidated Accoun...Laois Local Authority Records
5721Laois Local StudiesB5/dv/1952-1959These records are closed.St Brigid's Hospital:Me...Laois Local Authority Records
5714Laois Local Studies337-3401939-1957General Administration:337. Estimate and Demand Book...Laois County Council
5717Laois Local Studies347-3511880-1960Laois County Home, 1933-1934 and Laois County Hospit...Laois Local Authority Records
5718Laois Local StudiesB5/di/1941-1958These records are closed. St Brigid's Sanatoriu...Laois Local Authority Records
5719Laois Local StudiesB5/diii/1930-1960These records are closed. St Brigid's Sanitoriu...Laois Local Authority Records
5720Laois Local StudiesB5/div/1943-1959These records are closed.St Brigid's Sanatorium:...Laois Local Authority Records
5722Laois Local Studies1967-1987Portlaoise Swimming Pool:General Correspondence File...Laois Local Authority Records
5723Laois Local Studies1731-1777Bye-Laws and Acts of the Assembly of Maryborough, 17...
5725Laois Local Studies1851-1886Minute Books, 1851-1886:1851-18521857-18581859-18601...Donaghmore Poor Law Union
14474Laois Local Studies1916-1923Collection of photographs of women from the period b...Revolutionary Women Photographs
14475Laois Local Studies1920-1990The Helen Roe Papers contain her notes on various lo...Helen Roe Collection
5726Laois Local Studies1845-1913Minute Books:22 February 1845 - 6 December 184512 De...Mountmellick Poor Law Union
14476Laois Local Studies1936-1940The collection includes images of pupils, staff and ...Glen Ban School Collection
14479Laois Local Studies1900-1957Inlcudes images of Abbeyleix House and Demesne and o...Ivo De Vesci Photographic Collection
14480Laois Local Studies1950-1975Images documenting life in Laois and particularly Po...Redmond Photographic Collection
14481Laois Local Studies1970-1999Includes photos of people, events, infrastructural d...Laois County Council Photographic Collection
21593Laois Local Studies1923-1925Athy, 1923-1925: 15a. Labourers Cottages General Ren...Laois Local Authority Records
21594Laois Local Studies1937-1959Ballinakill, 1937-1959: 17. Receipt Book Counterfoil...Laois Local Authority Records
21598Laois Local StudiesB/192542. Half-Yearly General Consolidated Account Books, ...Laois County Council
21595Laois Local Studies1911-192718. Letter Book, Local Government Board to Mountmell...Mountmellick Rural District Council
21599Laois Local StudiesB/1925-1927General Consolidated Account Book: 43. 1925 44. 1926...Laois County Council
21600Laois Local StudiesB/1927-1932Half-Yearly Consolidated Account Book: 47. 1927 48. ...Laois County Council
21601Laois Local StudiesB/193154. General Consolidated Account Book, 1931Laois County Council
21602Laois Local StudiesB/1932-1934Half-Yearly General Consolidated Account Book: 55. 1...Laois County Council
21603Laois Local StudiesB/193358. General Consolidated Account, 1933.Laois County Council
21604Laois Local StudiesB/193459. Abstract of Accounts, 1934.Laois County Council
21605Laois Local StudiesB/193460. General Consolidated Account Book, 1934.Laois County Council
21606Laois Local StudiesB/1935-1937Half-Yearly General Consolidated Account Book: 61. 1...Laois County Council
21607Laois Local StudiesB/1933-193966. Consolidated Abstract of Revenue Account Book, 1...Laois County Council
21608Laois Local StudiesB/1933-193967. Half-Yearly Consolidated Account Book, 1933 -193...Laois County Council
21609Laois Local StudiesB/193968. Urban District Council, General Consolidated Boo...Laois County Council
21610Laois Local StudiesB/194069. Half-Yearly General Consolidated Account Book:69...Laois County Council
21611Laois Local StudiesB/193562. Half-Yearly General Consolidated Account Book:62...Laois County Council
21612Laois Local StudiesB/1940-194570. Account Book, 1940-1945.Laois County Council
21613Laois Local StudiesB/1955-195671. Consolidated Account Itemised, 1955-1956.Laois County Council
21614Laois Local Studies1848-1910Rough Minute Books:5 February 1848-25 November 18482...Mountmellick Poor Law Union
21615Laois Local StudiesC/1901-192672. School Cash and Expenditure Book, 1901-1926.Laois County Council
21616Laois Local StudiesC/1920-195373. Financial Statement Expenditure Book, 1920-1953.Laois County Council
21617Laois Local StudiesC/192174. Expenditure Book, 1921.Laois County Council
21618Laois Local StudiesC/1921-192375. Consolidated Account Book Public Work Expenditur...Laois County Council
21619Laois Local StudiesC/1922-192776. Financial Statement Expenditure Book, 1922-1927.Laois County Council
21620Laois Local StudiesC/1925-192677. Financial Statement and Expenditure Book, consol...Laois County Council
21621Laois Local StudiesC/1931-193378. Expenditure on Road by Direct Labour 1931-1933.Laois County Council
21622Laois Local StudiesC/1938-194079. Receipts Book, Financial Book, 1938-1940.Laois County Council
21623Laois Local StudiesC/194080. Financial Statement and Expenditure Book, 1940.Laois County Council
21624Laois Local StudiesC/1944-194881. Road, Expenditure Account Book, 1944-1948.Laois County Council
21625Laois Local StudiesC/194682. Financial Statement Book, 1946-47.Laois County Council
21626Laois Local StudiesC/1947-194883. Expenditure Book, Subsidiary,1947-1948.Laois County Council
21627Laois Local StudiesC/1951-195284. Financial Statement of Receipts, General Account...Laois County Council
21628Laois Local StudiesC/1961-196285. Rate Collection, Abstract, District No 2, 1961-1...Laois County Council
21629Laois Local StudiesC/1961-1962Abstract of Rate Collector:86. 1961-196287. [no date...Laois County Council
21630Laois Local StudiesC/1927-193388. Direct Labour Record, 1927-1933.Laois County Council
21631Laois Local StudiesC/1949-1961Secretary's Imprest Account Book, October 1949-July ...Laois County Council
21632Laois Local StudiesC/1915-1921Slievemargy Rural District Council, Financial Statem...Laois County Council
21633Laois Local StudiesB2/9/1916-1917
Abbeyleix Rate Books: 102. Rate Book, 1916-1917. 103...Laois Local Authority Records
21634Laois Local StudiesB2/9/1934-1935
Rate Book: 104. 1934-1935 105. 1935-36 106. Rate Boo...Laois Local Authority Records
21635Laois Local StudiesB2/9/1943-1944
Rate Book: 107. 1940-41 108. 1942-43. 109. Rate Book...Laois Local Authority Records
21636Laois Local StudiesB2/9/1945-1946
Rate Book: 110. 1945-1946 111. 1948-1949 113. 1954-1...Laois Local Authority Records
21637Laois Local Studies19091. Financial Account Book, Expenditure, Abbeyleix Co...Laois Local Authority Records
21638Laois Local Studies1909-19112. Half-Yearly General Consolidated Account Book, Ab...Laois Local Authority Records
21639Laois Local Studies19133. General Account Book Consolidation, Abbeyleix, 19...Laois Local Authority Records
21640Laois Local Studies19164. Half-Yearly General Consolidated Account Book, Ab...Laois Local Authority Records
21641Laois Local Studies1917-19195. Half-Yearly General Consolidated Account Book, Ab...Laois Local Authority Records
21642Laois Local Studies1917-19196. Consolidated Account Book, Abbeyleix Rural Distri...Laois Local Authority Records
21643Laois Local Studies1919-19217. General Account Book Consolidated, Abbeyleix Rura...Laois Local Authority Records
21644Laois Local Studies19218. Half-Yearly General Consolidated Account Book, Ab...Laois Local Authority Records
21645Laois Local Studies1921-19239. Consolidated Account Book, Abbeyleix Rural Distri...Laois Local Authority Records
21646Laois Local Studies192310. Half-Yearly General Consolidated Account Book, A...Laois Local Authority Records
21647Laois Local Studies192411. Half-Yearly General Consolidated Account Book, A...Laois Local Authority Records
21648Laois Local Studies192512. Consolidated Account Book, Abbeyleix Rural Distr...Laois Local Authority Records
21649Laois Local Studies1909-191313. Labourers Cottage Rental Book, Abbeyleix Rural D...Laois Local Authority Records
21650Laois Local Studies1923-192514. Labourers Cottage Rent Book, Abbeyleix Rural Dis...Laois Local Authority Records
21651Laois Local Studies273-2811925-1929273. County Board of Assistance General Receipt Book...Laois Local Authority Records
21652Laois Local Studies273-2811933-1951274. Consolidated Account Book, Assistance Officers ...Laois Local Authority Records
21653Laois Local Studies273-2811940275. Consolidated Expenditure Book, Public Assistanc...Laois Local Authority Records
21654Laois Local Studies273-2811944-1953276. Home Assistance, Expenditure Consolidated List,...Laois Local Authority Records
21655Laois Local Studies273-2811947277. Public Assistance, Charges Expenditure, 1947.Laois Local Authority Records
21656Laois Local Studies273-2811947-1953278. Consolidated General Receipt Book, Public Assis...Laois Local Authority Records
21657Laois Local Studies273-2811951-1953279. Home Assistance List, Half Yearly Consolidated ...Laois Local Authority Records
21658Laois Local Studies273-2811951-1953280. General Receipt Book, Public Assistance Section...Laois Local Authority Records
21659Laois Local Studies273-2811952-1953281. Public Assistance, Statement Book Expenditure,1...Laois Local Authority Records
21660Laois Local Studies1948-1950Assistance Officers Expenditure Book:287. 1948-19492...Laois Local Authority Records
21661Laois Local Studies1884-1908
Labourers' Cottages Ledgers:20 May 1884-26 May 1...Mountmellick Town Commissioners
21662Laois Local Studies1936-1973Labourers' Cottages General Rentals:31 March 193...Mountmellick Town Commissioners
21663Laois Local Studies1967-1976Cottage Annuity Collection Books:March 1967-March 19...Mountmellick Town Commissioners
21664Laois Local Studies1829-1846Lease of Lands by the Earl of Milltown in County Lao...
21665Laois Local Studies1830-1854Lease of Lands by the Earl of Milltown in County Tip...
21666Laois Local Studies1834-1847Lease of Lands by the Earl of Milltown in County Kil...
21667Laois Local Studies1842-1860Lease of Lands by the Earl of Milltown in County Dow...
21668Laois Local Studies1853-1855Sale of the Estate of the Earl of Mornington in Encu...
21669Laois Local Studies1836-1848Account Book, Kilkenny Tenants, Deerpark, 1836-1848.
21670Laois Local Studies1909-191129. Consolidated General Expenditure Book - Slivemar...Slievemargy Rural District Council
21671Laois Local Studies191330. Half-Yearly General Consolidation Account Book,1...Slievemargy Rural District Council
21672Laois Local Studies191531. Consolidated General Expenditure Book, 1915-17.Slievemargy Rural District Council
21673Laois Local Studies191532. Half-Yearly Consolidated Account Book, 1915-22.Slievemargy Rural District Council
21674Laois Local Studies191733. Half-Yearly Consolidated General Expenditure Boo...Slievemargy Rural District Council
21675Laois Local Studies192134. Half-Yearly General Consolidated Account Book, 1...Slievemargy Rural District Council
21676Laois Local Studies192535. Consolidated Account Book, 1925.Slievemargy Rural District Council
21677Laois Local Studies192436. Labourers' Cottages Rent Book, 1924-25. Slievemargy Rural District Council
21678Laois Local Studies1945-1953Consolidated Account Book, Home Assistance Officers ...Laois Local Authority Records
21679Laois Local Studies1950-1952Home Assistance Officer Blind Welfare Scheme:308. 19...Laois Local Authority Records
21680Laois Local Studies323-3311926-1928323. Classification Book of all Public Health Expend...Laois County Council
21681Laois Local Studies323-3311933-1934
General Expenditure Book: 324. 1933-1934 325. 1936-1...Laois County Council
21682Laois Local Studies323-3311937-1938326. Consolidated Expenditure Book, 1937-1938.Laois County Council
21683Laois Local Studies323-3311948327. Health District Financial Statement of Receipts...Laois County Council
21684Laois Local Studies323-3311949-1951328. Infectious Diseases Allowances Expenditure Book...Laois County Council
21685Laois Local Studies323-3311949-1951329. Expenditure Health, Sanitary and Housing, 1949-...Laois County Council
21686Laois Local Studies323-3311949-1950330. Expenditure Book, 1949-1950.Laois County Council
21687Laois Local Studies323-3311959331. Receipts (consolidated) Rates Payment District,...Laois County Council
21688Laois Local StudiesB5/di/1943-1961These records are closed.Shaen Sanatorium:Record of ...Laois Local Authority Records
21689Laois Local Studies1905-190723. Half-Yearly General Consolidated Account Book, R...Roscrea Rural District Council
21690Laois Local Studies1907-190924. Consolidated Account Book, Roscrea Rural Distric...Roscrea Rural District Council
21691Laois Local Studies1911-191325. Consolidated General Expenditure Book, Roscrea N...Roscrea Rural District Council
21692Laois Local Studies1915-191626. Half-Yearly Consolidated Account Book Roscrea Ru...Roscrea Rural District Council
21693Laois Local Studies1915-191727. Consolidated Account Book, Roscrea District No 3...Roscrea Rural District Council
21694Laois Local Studies1922-192628. Labourers' Cottage General Rental, Roscrea Rural...Roscrea Rural District Council
21695Laois Local Studies1927-1930Abbeyleix District Hospital, Cash Book, 1927-1930.Laois Local Authority Records
21696Laois Local Studies1913-1914Minute Book of Athy Rural District Council No 2, 191...Laois Local Authority Records
21697Laois Local Studies1903-1907
Minute Book of Cloneygowan Rural District Council: 1...Laois Local Authority Records
21698Laois Local Studies1907-1910Rough Minutes of Cloneygowan Rural District Council,...Laois Local Authority Records
21699Laois Local Studies1919-1923Letterbook of Cloneygowan Rural District Council, 19...Laois Local Authority Records
21700Laois Local Studies1908-1913
Labourer's Acts Minutes of Cloneygowan Rural Distric...Laois Local Authority Records
21701Laois Local Studies1942-1943Laois Board of Health and Public Assistance, Free Mi...Laois Local Authority Records
21702Laois Local Studies1907-1910
Public Health Acts Minute of Cloneygowan Rural Distr...Laois Local Authority Records
21703Laois Local Studies1899-1904Minute Books of the Mountmellick Rural District Coun...Laois Local Authority Records
21704Laois Local Studies1899-1900Minute Books of the Mountmellick Rural District Coun...Laois Local Authority Records
21705Laois Local Studies1900-1925Minute Book, Queen's County Council, 1900-1925.Laois Local Authority Records
21706Laois Local Studies1915-1925Minute Book, Queen's County Tuberculosis Committ...Laois Local Authority Records
21707Laois Local Studies1884-1893Board of votes of the Board of Guardians of Mountmel...Laois Local Authority Records
21708Laois Local Studies1895-1897Proceedings of the Board of Guardian of Mountmellick...Laois Local Authority Records
21709Laois Local Studies1949-1952Treasurer's Cash Book of Laois County Council, 1949-...Laois Local Authority Records
21710Laois Local Studies1905-1924Minute Book of the Conjoint Committee of Management ...Laois Local Authority Records
21711Laois Local Studies1816-1842Stradbally Assizes Summer 1816-Lent 1842.Laois Local Authority Records
21712Laois Local Studies1915-1923
Letterbook of Mountmellick Rural District Council: 1...Laois Local Authority Records
21713Laois Local Studies1913-1914Local Government Board of correspondence with Mountm...Laois Local Authority Records
21714Laois Local Studies1836-1846Kilkenny Tenants Account Book, 1836-1846.Laois Local Authority Records
21715Laois Local Studies1912Labourers' Acts Minute Book of Mountmellick, Rural D...Laois Local Authority Records