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106Limerick ArchivesLA L/OC1719-1917Limerick Corporation (Pre-Reform):1. Freemen of Lime...Limerick Corporation
107Limerick ArchivesLA L/MP1819-1851Commissioners for the Improvement of the Parish of S...Limerick Corporation
108Limerick Archives1685-1973DM 2. O'Brien rentals. The 59 manuscripts have b...Microfilm Collections
109Limerick ArchivesP51884-1971Bedford Row Lying-in Hospital:Minute book of meeting...Bedford Row Maternity Hospital
110Limerick ArchivesP61769-1828Rent books of the Earl of Devon's Limerick estat...Devon Estate Rentals
111Limerick ArchivesP81759-1815Account book of John Croker, Ballynagarde, 1807-1815...Croker Papers
112Limerick ArchivesP121840-1980Cannock papers: company minutes, 1877-1929 (on micro...Cannock Papers
113Limerick ArchivesP13Private Fee Book of John Fitzgibbon (later Lord Clar...John Fitzgibbon Private Fee Book
114Limerick ArchivesP141838-1963Papers of the Spring Rice family, who were granted t...Monteagle Papers
115Limerick ArchivesP151848-1940Bundle of receipts of three generations of the Mulca...Mulcahy Papers
116Limerick ArchivesP161836-1922Register of Ships, 1836-1901 (original passed to Nat...Custom House Papers
117Limerick ArchivesP171816-18521. Register of patients, January 1816 - December 182...St John's (Fever and Lock) Hospital
118Limerick ArchivesP181774-1793'General Registry of the Poor Received into the ...House of Industry Register
119Limerick ArchivesP201883-1916Register of Judgements of the Fair Rents Tribunal, 1...Register of Judgements of the Fair Rents Tribunal
120Limerick ArchivesP11807-1973Limerick Chamber of Commerce Minute Books:1. June 18...Limerick Chamber of Commerce
121Limerick ArchivesP141872-1940Box 2 of these papers include the following:4. Jean ...Monteagle Papers
122Limerick ArchivesP141816-1913A. Agent's General Ledgers and Account Books:1. ...Monteagle Papers
123Limerick ArchivesE1831-1891E. Receiving Rentals and Rent Ledger [items 26-30 ar...Monteagle Papers
124Limerick ArchivesP191921-1942Register of Petty Sessions and District Court Sittin...
125Limerick ArchivesP221739-1887De Vere Papers include: 1 Papers of Sir Vere Hunt, c...De Vere Papers
126Limerick ArchivesLA BG/71/A1850-1922Minute Books:1. April 1850 - November 18502. Novembe...Croom Board of Guardian Records
127Limerick ArchivesBG 71/AA1850-1886Rough Minute Books:1. April 1850 - November 18502. N...Croom Board of Guardian Records
128Limerick ArchivesBG 711909-1910General Ledger:April 1909 - October 1910Croom Poor Law Union
3087Limerick ArchivesLA BG/93/A; LA BG/93/AG1870-1922Minute Books:BG/93/A/1 - May 1870 - November 1870BG/...Glin Poor Law Union
3090Limerick ArchivesLA BG/1301839-1922Minute Books:January 1839-May 1843June 1843-May 1845...Newcastlewest Poor Law Union
3091Limerick ArchivesBG1921Minute Book:January-November 1921Only one volume sur...Rathkeale Poor Law Union
5047Limerick Archives1852-1992Minute Books:1. 22 April 1899 - 11 March 1903 View P...Limerick County Council
18811Limerick Archives1852-1993Superannuation Register - Officers:1948-19541954-pre...Limerick County Council
18812Limerick ArchivesBG 1101842
VIII. General Ledgers:BG/110/C/1. March 1842 - Septe...Limerick Poor Law Union
18813Limerick ArchivesBG 1101887-1895VII. Letters from Local Government Board, 1887-1895:...Limerick Poor Law Union
18814Limerick ArchivesBG 1101909-1919VI. Clerk's Letter Books:BG/110/B/1. 17 June 190...Limerick Poor Law Union
18815Limerick ArchivesBG 1101878-1893IV. Contagious Diseases (Animals) Committee Minutes:...Limerick Poor Law Union
18816Limerick ArchivesBG 1101842-1848
II. Rough Minute Books:BG/110/AA/1. 1 June 1842 - 26...Limerick Poor Law Union
18817Limerick ArchivesBG 1101842-1922I. Minute Books, 1842-1870:BG/110 A/3. 4 May 18...Limerick Poor Law Union
18818Limerick Archives1833-1962Reformed Corporation:Minute Books of Council, 1841-1...Limerick Corporation
19030Limerick ArchivesLA BG/106/A1852-1899Dispensary Minutes:Bruree District, March 1852-Febru...Kilmallock Poor Law Union
19031Limerick ArchivesLA BG/106/A1839-1923Minute Books:From 5 January 1900 (BG/106/1/89) Finan...Kilmallock Poor Law Union
19032Limerick ArchivesLA L/MIN/1841-19721. Limerick City Council Minute Book 11 Novembe...Limerick City Council Minute Books
19033Limerick ArchivesLA L/SMIN/1833-1969L/SMIN/1 1833-1841L/SMIN/2/1 1858-1870L/SM...Limerick Council Special Meeting Minute Books
19034Limerick ArchivesBG 1101916-1919V. Wages' Book, 1916-1919BG/110/W/1. 6 December ...Limerick Poor Law Union
19035Limerick ArchivesBG 1101907-1915IX. Register of Deaths, 1907-1915BG/110/H/1. 7 Janua...Limerick Poor Law Union
19036Limerick ArchivesP211776-1843Notebooks containing personal expenditure, housekeep...Coote Papers
19037Limerick ArchivesP211803-1843Notebooks containing personal expenditure, housekeep...Coote Papers
20025Limerick ArchivesP11809-1949Ballot Books.21. April 1830 - March 1896.22. May 189...Limerick Chamber of Commerce
20026Limerick ArchivesP11825-1908Income and Expenditure Book:37. October 1865 - July ...Limerick Chamber of Commerce
20027Limerick ArchivesP11808-1865Minute books, export books, 1815-1850, letterbooks, ...Limerick Chamber of Commerce
20028Limerick ArchivesP11830-1860Library:28. Minute Book of Purchasing Committee, Feb...Limerick Chamber of Commerce
20029Limerick ArchivesP11822-1938Letter Books:30. September 1822 - July 1833, copies ...Limerick Chamber of Commerce
20031Limerick Archives1942-1996County Manager's Orders', Planning:1 April 1...Limerick County Council