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CommentSome of the information listed from this repository has been extracted from lists available in the archive. These lists were compiled by library staff and we are grateful for their assistance. Where partial or no lists were available, staff of the Women's History Project constructed an outline list. It must be remembered that due to time constraints not all items in this repository were examined individually.

90 Results

1768Louth County ArchivesBG80/A/1856 -1865Dundalk Poor Law Union, Minute Books: 18 November 1...Dundalk Poor Law Union
1769Louth County ArchivesBG80/A/1865-1873Dundalk Poor Law Union, Minute Books: 35 May 1865 -...Dundalk Poor Law Union
1770Louth County ArchivesBG80/A/1874-1886Dundalk Poor Law Union, Minute Books: 51 January 18...Dundalk Poor Law Union
1771Louth County ArchivesBG80/A/1887 -1898Dundalk Poor Law Union, Minute Books: 67 February 1...Dundalk Poor Law Union
1772Louth County ArchivesBG80/A/1839 -1916Dundalk Poor Law Union, Minute Books: 84 March 1898...Dundalk Poor Law Union
1773Louth County ArchivesBG/80/A/1910 -1924Dundalk Poor Law Union, Minute Books: 102 July 1910...Dundalk Poor Law Union
1774Louth County ArchivesBG80/AA/1844-1859Dundalk Poor Law Union, Rough Minute Books: 115 Oct...Dundalk Poor Law Union
1775Louth County ArchivesBG80/AA/1859-1867Dundalk Poor Law Union, Rough Minute Books: 132 May...Dundalk Poor Law Union
1776Louth County ArchivesBG80/AA/1867-1879Dundalk Poor Law Union, Rough Minute Books: 149 May...Dundalk Poor Law Union
1777Louth County ArchivesBG80/AA/1880-1891Dundalk Poor Law Union, Rough Minute Books: 165 Jan...Dundalk Poor Law Union
1778Louth County ArchivesBG80/AA/1891-1916Dundalk Poor Law Union, Rough Minute Books: 181 May...Dundalk Poor Law Union
1779Louth County ArchivesBG80/EG/1941918-1920Dundalk Union Relieving Officers Diary, 1918 - 1920.Dundalk Poor Law Union
1780Louth County ArchivesBG/80/AA/1843-1850Dundalk Poor Law Union, Rough Minute Books: 208 Apr...Dundalk Poor Law Union
1781Louth County Archives222-2341888-1925222 Dundalk Union Labourers' Act Rent Book, 1888 - ...Local Authority Records
1782Louth County Archives315-3431872-1965315 Town Commissioners Minute Book 1872 - 1896 . 3...Ardee Local Authority Records
1783Louth County Archives1851-1861Ardee Poor Law Union, Minute Books: 1 April 1851 - ...Ardee Poor Law Union
1784Louth County Archives17-331862-1871Ardee Poor Law Union, Minute Books: 17 February 186...Ardee Poor Law Union
1785Louth County Archives34-481871-1879Ardee Poor Law Union, Minute Books: 34 March 1871 -...Ardee Poor Law Union
1786Louth County Archives49-641879-1889Ardee Poor Law Union, Minute Books: 49 September 1...Ardee Poor Law Union
3269Louth County Archives1649-1994Drogheda Corporation, Minutes of Municipal Council M...
5532Louth County ArchivesBG80/FC/1951926-1942Dundalk Union Workhouse Administration: Dundalk Unio...Dundalk Poor Law Union
5533Louth County ArchivesBG/80/CC /1961855-1859Dundalk Union Ledger, 1855 - 1859.Dundalk Poor Law Union
5534Louth County ArchivesBG/80/CF/1971849-1857Dundalk Union Treasurers Account, 1849 - 1857.Dundalk Poor Law Union
5535Louth County ArchivesBG/80/FA/198-198A1916-1917Dundalk Union Workhouse Administration. Dundalk Unio...Dundalk Poor Law Union
5536Louth County ArchivesBG/80/AE/1907-1947199 Dundalk Union Financial Minutes, October 1907 -...Dundalk Poor Law Union
5537Louth County Archives213-2211887-1922213 Account Books Financial Minutes, 1906 - Februar...Dundalk Local Authority Records
5727Louth County ArchivesBG76/A/1839-1874Minute Books:1 - July 1839-March 18432 - March 1845 ...Drogheda Poor Law Union
5728Louth County ArchivesBG76/A1874-1903Minute Books:18 - June 1874 - July 187519 - January ...Drogheda Poor Law Union
5729Louth County ArchivesBG76/A1903-1919Drogheda Poor Law Union Minute Books:35 - April 1903...Drogheda Poor Law Union
5730Louth County ArchivesBG76/A/1888-1924Drogheda Union:52 December 1888 - May 188953 August ...Louth Rural District Council
5731Louth County ArchivesBG80/A/1839 -1856Minute Books:1 July 1839- April 18432 January 1843 J...Dundalk Poor Law Union
5732Louth County Archives65-801890-1901Minute Books:65 June 1890 - December 189066 December...Ardee Poor Law Union
5733Louth County Archives81-961901-1913Minute Books:81 January 1901 - July 190182 August 19...Ardee Poor Law Union
5734Louth County Archives97-1081851-1924Minute Books:97 December 1913 - June 191498 June 191...Ardee Poor Law Union
5735Louth County Archives109-1291894-1921Rural District Council Minute Book:109 May 1898 - De...Ardee Local Authority Records
5736Louth County Archives130-1361851-1899Labourers' Acts Minute Books:130 1889 - 1890131 ...Ardee Local Authority Records
5737Louth County Archives137-1581908-1917Porter's Book:137 1908138 1908139 1907140 190914...Ardee Poor Law Union
5738Louth County Archives159-1771899-1926159 Rent Collector's Report Book Labourers' Cottage...Ardee Local Authority Records
5739Louth County Archives178-1971859-1920Ardee Union Treasurer's Ledger: 178 1896 - 1897 179...Ardee Local Authority Records
5740Louth County Archives198-2171899-1923198 Ardee Concise Rural District Ledger September, ...Ardee Local Authority Records
5741Louth County Archives218-2271844-1936Financial Statement Book, Receipts 218 April 1899 -...Ardee Local Authority Records
5742Louth County Archives228-2431875-1912Rate Book Castlebellingham Electoral Division: 228 ...Ardee Local Authority Records
5743Louth County Archives244-2591870-1917244 Drumconrath Rate Book, September 1885 - Septemb...Ardee Local Authority Records
5744Louth County Archives260-2811899-1924Fever Hospital Diary Diet Book For Sick: 260 1915 ...Ardee Local Authority Records
5745Louth County Archives282-2971884-1923Ardee Union Medical Weekly Return and Extra Book: 2...Ardee Local Authority Records
5746Louth County Archives298-3141814-1924298 Ardee Union Applications of Assistance Forms Bo...Ardee Local Authority Records
5747Louth County Archives1844-1929Louth County Council Finance Committee, Minute Books...Local Authority Records
5748Louth County Archives1823-1899Query Books: 1823-1824-1825 1826-1827-1828 1829-1830...Louth Grand Jury Records
5749Louth County Archives1845-1979Minutes of Sub-committee to Superintendent Affairs o...Louth County Library
5750Louth County ArchivesA-F1836-1918Dundalk Gas Company Minute Books: A 1836-1846 B 18...Dundalk Gas Company Minute Books
14112Louth County Archives1804-1829John Henry, Letterbook, possibly rent collector or a...
14113Louth County Archives1812-1822Ardee and Drogheda Daily Coach Account Book, 1812-18...
14114Louth County Archives1737-1757Francis Byrne Estate Account Book, 1737-1757.
14115Louth County Archives1694-1835Minute Book of the Corporation of Carlingford, 1694-...
14116Louth County Archives1930-1939Minute Book of Dundalk Rowing Club, 3 October 1930-6...
14117Louth County Archives1930-1931Minute Book of Premier Utility Society, 1930- 1931.
14118Louth County Archives1832-1862Minute Book of the Board of Superintendents of Count...
14119Louth County Archives1929-1933Ledger of Premier Utility Society, 1929-1933.
14120Louth County Archives1934-1938Ledger of Premier Utility Society, 1934-1938.
14121Louth County Archives1915
Treasurer's Record of John Boyle O'Reilly Society, 2...
14123Louth County Archives1857Rental of the Estate of the late Henry William, Marq...
14124Louth County Archives1885Rental and particulars of the estate of Elizabeth, L...
14125Louth County Archives1865Rental of lands of Glyde Farm, the Estate of Lewis U...
14126Louth County Archives1879The estate of the Earl of Roden, the rental maps, pa...
14127Louth County Archives1872Rental and particulars and conditions of sale of val...
14128Louth County Archives1841Estate of the Right Honourable Sir A Foster. Particu...
14129Louth County ArchivesTenant Rent and Arrears Book, no date.
14130Louth County Archives1851Rental and account of the estate of Philip Doyne, Es...
14131Louth County Archives1852Rental and account of the estate of Philip Doyne, Es...
14132Louth County Archives1851Rental and account of the estate of Sir Frederick G....
14133Louth County Archives1852Rental and account of the estate of Sir Frederick G....
14134Louth County Archives1885
Polling Lists for Polling districts, 1-5 North Divis...
14135Louth County Archives1885
Polling Lists for Polling districts, 5-8 South Divis...
14136Louth County Archives1853-1857Rental and Account Book for Sir Frederick Foster, lo...
14137Louth County Archives1865-1867Rental and Account Book for Sir Cavendish Foster, 18...
14138Louth County ArchivesTenant Rent and Arrears Book, no date.
14139Louth County Archives1867-1877Rental and Account Book for Sir Cavendish Foster, 18...
14140Louth County Archives1879-1886Rental and Account Book for Sir Cavendish Foster, 18...
14141Louth County Archives1824-1849Tenants Ledger for Phillip Doyne, Esq. 1824-1832, 18...
14142Louth County Archives1839-1849Rental and Account Book for Estate of Phillip Doyne,...
14143Louth County Archives1844-1848Miscellaneous Rent Book, 1844-1848.
14144Louth County Archives1855-1856Killany Tenants Rent Book, 1855-1856.
14145Louth County Archives1853-1857Rental Books for Sir Frederick Foster, 1853-1857, 8 ...
14146Louth County Archives1858-1867Rental Books for Sir Cavendish Foster, 1858-1867, 20...
14147Louth County Archives1868-1877Rental Books for Sir Cavendish Foster, 1868-1877, 12...
14148Louth County Archives1810County Louth General Assize and General Gaol Deliver...
14149Louth County Archives1780The Housekeeper's Account Book for the Year 1780. An...
14150Louth County Archives1861-1866South Louth Grand Jury Luncheon Lists, 1861 - 1866.
14151Louth County Archives1831-1841Borough of Dundalk, Minutes, May 1831 - July 1841.
14152Louth County Archives1838-1886Account Book of the Schooner 'The Irish Chieftai...