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CommentThe information listed was extracted from lists available in the library. We are grateful for the assistance provided by Tina Hynes.

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1404Fingal County ArchiveDCC/L/1-DCC/L/51925-1965DCC/L/1 1925-1927 Correspondence: Dublin County Coun...Dublin County Council
1405Fingal County ArchiveDCC/L/6- DCC/L/7-71926-1935County Libraries Committee:DCC/L/6 January 1926-July...Dublin County Council
1406Fingal County ArchiveDCC/L/7/1-341926-1958Librarian's report on organisation and equipment...Dublin County Council
1407Fingal County ArchiveDCC/L/8- DCC/L/101928-1962DCC/L/8 October 1928 County Dublin Libraries Committ...Dublin County Council
1408Fingal County ArchiveDCC/L/11- DCC/L/161925-1960DCC/L/11 1925-1954 Correspondence: County Librarian ...Dublin County Council
1409Fingal County ArchiveDCC/L/17- DCC/L/191930-1959DCC/L/17 1930-1937 Correspondence: County Librarian ...Dublin County Council
1410Fingal County ArchiveDCC/L/20- DDC/L/231935-1964DCC/L/20 1935-1953 Correspondence: County Librarian ...Dublin County Council
1411Fingal County ArchiveDCC/L/24-DCC/L/261904-1921Balrothery Rural District Council Libraries (a) Pub...Dublin County Council
1412Fingal County ArchiveDCC/L/27-8- DCC/L/291905-1972Balrothery Rural District Council Libraries: (d) Ma...Dublin County Council
1413Fingal County ArchiveDCC/L/30-DCC/L/331906-1956(e) Skerries DCC/L/30 3 February 1906-12 March 1956 ...Dublin County Council
1414Fingal County ArchiveDCC/L/34- DCC/L/381912DCC/L/34 September 1912 Notice relating to new regul...Dublin County Council
1415Fingal County ArchiveDCC/L/39- DCC/L/421906-1925DCC/L/39 20 April 1922 Extract from minutes of meeti...Dublin County Council
1416Fingal County ArchiveDCC/L/43 -DCC/L/46/21907-1968(a) Glencullen and Sandyford DCC/L/43 1907 Revised ...Dublin County Council
1417Fingal County ArchiveDCC/L/47 - DCC/L/501926-1966DCC/L/47 March 1955 - November 1959 Rathdown Board o...Dublin County Council
1418Fingal County ArchiveDCC/L/51- DCC/L/551919-1965DCC/L/51 1928-1942 Minute Book of Carnegie Library C...Dublin County Council
1419Fingal County ArchiveDCC/L/56- DCC/L/591904-1969DCC/L/56 1930-1936 Draft Minute Book, Carnegie Libra...Dublin County Council
1428Fingal County ArchiveDCC/L/60- DCC/L/631926-1960Ballyboden (or Whitechurch) Library: DCC/L/60 1926-1...Dublin County Council
1429Fingal County ArchiveDCC/L/62 - DCC/L/631947-1975DCC/L/64 September 1959 - May 1974 County Libraries ...Dublin County Council
1430Fingal County ArchiveDCC/L/68- DCC/L/721929-1970DCC/L/68 January 1929 - September 1931 Expenditure B...Dublin County Council
1431Fingal County ArchiveGJ/1/1- GJ/3/121818-1842GJ/1/1 1818-1841 Minutes and Orders, c.245 pages.GJ/...County of Dublin Grand Jury
1432Fingal County ArchiveGJ/3/13- GJ/3/321843-1860Baronial and County Presentments:GJ/3/13 1843 Easter...County of Dublin Grand Jury
1433Fingal County ArchiveGJ/3/33- GJ/3/521861-1880Baronial and County Presentments:GJ/3/33 1861 Easter...County of Dublin Grand Jury
1434Fingal County ArchiveGJ/3/53- GJ/3/711881-1899Baronial and County Presentments:GJ/3/53 1881 Easter...County of Dublin Grand Jury
1435Fingal County ArchiveGJ/4/1-GJ/4/201836-1850Grand Jury Presentments:GJ/4/1 1836 Easter Presentme...County of Dublin Grand Jury
1442Fingal County ArchiveGJ/4/21- GJ/4/401853-1870Grand Jury Presentments:GJ/4/21 1851 Easter Presentm...County of Dublin Grand Jury
1443Fingal County ArchiveGJ/4/41-GJ/4/591871-1890Grand Jury Presentments:GJ/4/41 1871 Easter Presentm...County of Dublin Grand Jury
1444Fingal County ArchiveGJ/4/61- GJ/4/681891-1898Grand Jury Presentments:GJ/4/61 1891 PresentmentsGJ/...County of Dublin Grand Jury
1445Fingal County ArchiveGJ/5/1- GJ/5/201816-1871Abstract of Grand Jury Presentments:GJ/5/1 1816-1821...County of Dublin Grand Jury
1446Fingal County ArchiveGJ/5/21-GJ/5/271872-1898Abstract of Grand Jury Presentments:GJ/5/21 1872-187...County of Dublin Grand Jury
1447Fingal County ArchiveGJ/6/1- GJ/6/171899-1919Dublin County Council Proposals:GJ/6/1 1899-1901 Abs...County of Dublin Grand Jury
1448Fingal County ArchiveGJ/7/1- GJ/12/11894-1899Grand Jury Law: GJ/7/1 1894 'Grand Jury Law'...County of Dublin Grand Jury
1449Fingal County Archive97/LA/1/1-97/LA/1/191860-1995Balbriggan Town Commissioners Minute Books:97/LA/1/1...Records of Balbriggan Town Commissioners
1450Fingal County Archive1923-197593/CP/1 II. Material relating to the financial deali...Dublin County Council
1451Fingal County Archive1908-196693/CP/1 II. Material relating to the financial deali...Dublin County Council
1452Fingal County ArchiveCM4/1- CM4/41956-1975Records of Dublin County Council Town Planning Commi...Dublin County Council
1453Fingal County Archive96/C/111942-1944Air Raid Precaution Ledger, 8 April 1942 - 26 Septem...Dublin County Council
1454Fingal County Archive92/C/1a- 95/C/21925-199392/C/1a Blind Person's Act 1920 Registers (2 vol...Dublin County Council
1455Fingal County Archive1945-1997Registers of Electors/Franchise List [on microfilm] ...Dublin County Council
1456Fingal County Archive94/P/30-97/C/21859-1988Small Collections, Box No 394/P/30 A.C. Tynan Record...Small Collections
1457Fingal County Archive94/P/2-94/P/11854
Small Collections Box 4 94/P/2 Records of Lakelands ...Small Collections
1458Fingal County Archive96/C/2-97/C/51981-1989
Small Collections, Bound Volumes, etc.96/C/2 Registe...Dublin County Council
1459Fingal County Archive96/P/1/3-96/P/1/181816-1933Grand Jury Presentments - photocopy?1. Contain repor...County of Dublin Grand Jury
1460Fingal County ArchiveBA/1-BA/21931-1934
Printed minutes of proceedings of a special meeting ...Dublin Board of Health
1461Fingal County ArchiveBA/3 - BA/41945-1946
Rathdown Board of Assistance: BA/3 11 May 1945-12 Ap...Dublin County Council
1462Fingal County Archive93/CP/1/MIN/11923-1972Records of the Dublin County Committee of Agricultur...Dublin County Council
1463Fingal County ArchiveNC/16/-NC/331925-1937
Records of Dublin County Council Town Planning Commi...Dublin County Council
1464Fingal County ArchiveDPL1/171936-1937DPL1/17 - 1936-1937 Dublin Board of Public Health Mi...Dublin Board of Health
1587Fingal County Archive97/LA/1/20-97/LA/1/241929-1941Rough Minute Books:97/LA/1/20 January 1929 - January...Records of Balbriggan Town Commissioners
1588Fingal County Archive97/LA/1/35-97/LA/1/471862-1988Income and Expenditure:97/LA/1/35 1862-190497/LA/1/3...Records of Balbriggan Town Commissioners
1589Fingal County Archive97/LA/1/48-97/LA/1/581927-1988Cash Books:Cash Book, 1927-1953 - 97/LA/1/48Petty Ca...Records of Balbriggan Town Commissioners.
1590Fingal County Archive97/LA/1/59-97/LA/1/691930-1957Weekly Rent Collection Books:97/LA/1/59 1930-193797/...Records of Balbriggan Town Commissioners.
1591Fingal County Archive97/LA/1/70-97/LA/1/741877-1984Registers of land, 1877-1952:97/LA/1/70  Regist...Records of Balbriggan Town Commissioners
1592Fingal County ArchiveRB/1- RB/151914-1968Balrothery Rural District Rate Books:RB/1 1914-1915 ...Balrothery Rural District Records
1593Fingal County ArchiveRB/16- RB/301914-1968Balrothery Rural District Rate Books, Garristown:RB/...Balrothery Rural District Records
1594Fingal County ArchiveRB/31-RB/451914-1956Balrothery Rural District Rate Books, Holmpatrick:RB...Balrothery Rural District Records
1595Fingal County ArchiveRB/46-RB/601914-1968Balrothery Rural District Rate Books, Skerries:RB/46...Balrothery Rural District Records
1596Fingal County ArchiveRB/61-RB/741914-1956Balrothery Rural District Rate Books, Rush:RB/61 191...Balrothery Rural District Records
1597Fingal County ArchiveRB/76- RB/901914-1968Balrothery Rural District Rate Books, Donabate:RB/76...Balrothery Rural District Records
1598Fingal County ArchiveRB/91- RB/1051914-1948Balrothery Rural District Rate Books, Balscadden:RB/...Balrothery Rural District Records
1599Fingal County ArchiveRB/106- RB/1201914-1956Balrothery Rural District Rate Books, Malahide:RB/10...Balrothery Rural District Records
1600Fingal County ArchiveRB/121-RB/1351914-1968Balrothery Rural District Rate Books, Kinsaley:RB/12...Balrothery Rural District Records
1601Fingal County ArchiveRB/136-RB/1501914-1968Balrothery Rural District Rate Books, Balbriggan Rur...Balrothery Rural District Records
1602Fingal County ArchiveRB/150-RB/1511914-1968Balrothery Rural District Rate Books, Balbriggan Urb...Balrothery Rural District Records
1603Fingal County ArchiveRB/167-RB/1801914-1956Balrothery Rural District Rate Books, Ballyboghill:R...Balrothery Rural District Records
1604Fingal County ArchiveRB/182-RB/1961914-1968Balrothery Rural District Rate Books Kilsallaghan:RB...Balrothery Rural District Records
1605Fingal County ArchiveRB/197- RB/2121914-1968Balrothery Rural District Rate Books Swords East:RB/...Balrothery Rural District Records
1606Fingal County ArchiveRB/213-RB/2261914-1956Balrothery Rural District Rate Books:RB/213 1914-191...Balrothery Rural District Records
1607Fingal County ArchiveRB/228-RB/2421914-1968Balrothery Rural District Rate Books Clonmethan:RB/2...Balrothery Rural District Records
1608Fingal County ArchiveRB/243-RB/2551914-1956Balrothery Rural District Rate Books, Hollywood:RB/2...Balrothery Rural District Records
1609Fingal County ArchiveRB/257-RB/2711914-1968Celbridge No. 2 Rural District, Clonsilla:RB/257 191...Celbridge No. 2 Rural District Council
1610Fingal County ArchiveRB/258- RB/2711914-1968Celbridge No 2 Rural District, Lucan:RB/258 1914-191...Celbridge No. 2 Rural District Council
1611Fingal County ArchiveRB/273- RB/2861914-1956Celbridge No 2 Rural District, Newcastle:RB/273 1914...Celbridge No. 2 Rural District Council
1612Fingal County ArchiveRB/288- RB/3021914-1956Celbridge No 2 Rural District Rate Books, Rathcoole:...Celbridge No. 2 Rural District Council
1613Fingal County ArchiveRB/303-RB/3161914-1956Celbridge No. 2 Rural District Rate Books:RB/303 191...Celbridge No. 2 Rural District Council
1614Fingal County ArchiveRB/318-RB/3321914-1968North Dublin Rural District Rate Books, Blanchardsto...North Dublin Rural District Council Records
1615Fingal County ArchiveRB/333-RB3461914-1956North Dublin Rural District Rate Books, Castleknock:...North Dublin Rural District Council Records
1616Fingal County ArchiveRB/348-RB/3601914-1948North Dublin Rural District Rate Books, Finglas:RB/3...Fingal Local Authority Records
1617Fingal County ArchiveRB/363-RB/3761914-1956North Dublin Rural District Rate Books, Drumcondra R...North Dublin Rural District Council Records
1625Fingal County ArchiveRB/378-RB/3891914-1930North Dublin Rural District Rate Books, Glasnevin:RB...North Dublin Rural District Council Records
1626Fingal County ArchiveRB/393-RB/4061914-1956North Dublin Rural District Rate Books, Coolock:RB/3...North Dublin Rural District Council Records
1627Fingal County ArchiveRB/408-RB/4201914-1968North Dublin Rural District Rate Books, Howth:RB/408...Fingal Local Authority Records
1628Fingal County ArchiveRB/424-RB/4371914-1956South Dublin Rural District Rate Books, Clondalkin:R...South Dublin Rural District Council
1629Fingal County ArchiveRB/439-RB/4511914-1948South Dublin Rural District Rate Books Donnybrook:RB...South Dublin Rural District Council
1630Fingal County ArchiveRB/454-RB/4671914-1956South Dublin Rural District Rate Books, Tallaght:RB/...South Dublin Rural District Council
1631Fingal County ArchiveRB/469-RB/482b1914-1968South Dublin Rural District Rate Books, Terenure:RB/...South Dublin Rural District Council
1632Fingal County ArchiveRB/484- RB/4971914-1956South Dublin Rural District Rate Books, Rathfarnham:...South Dublin Rural District Council
1633Fingal County ArchiveRB/499-RB/5121914-1956South Dublin Rural District Rate Books, Whitechurch:...South Dublin Rural District Council
1634Fingal County ArchiveRB/524-RB/5371914-1956South Dublin Rural District Rate Books, Palmerstown:...South Dublin Rural District Council
1635Fingal County ArchiveRB/539-RB/5531914-1968Rathdown Rural District Rate Books, Dundrum:RB/539 1...Rathdown Rural District Council
1636Fingal County ArchiveRB/554-RB/5671914-1956Rathdown Rural District Rate Books, Milltown:RB/554 ...Rathdown Rural District Council
1637Fingal County ArchiveRB/569-RB5821914-1956Rathdown Rural District Rate Books, Glencullen:RB/56...Rathdown Rural District Council
1638Fingal County ArchiveRB/584-RB/5971914-1956Rathdown Rural District Rate Books Stillorgan:RB/584...Rathdown Rural District Council
1639Fingal County ArchiveRB/599-RB/6121914-1956Rathdown Rural District Rate Books, Ballybrack:RB/59...Rathdown Rural District Council
1640Fingal County ArchiveRB/614-RB/6281914-1968Rathdown Rural District Rate Books, Rathmichael:RB/6...Rathdown Rural District Council
1641Fingal County ArchiveRB/629-RB/6351977Rate Books: RB/629 1977 Balbriggan Rural, Skerries, ...Local Authority Records
1642Fingal County ArchiveRB/636- RB/6411977Rate books:RB/636 1977 Dundrum 1 and 2 RB/637 1977 ...Local Authority Records
1643Fingal County ArchiveRB/642- RB/6491977Rate Books:RB/642 1977 Dundrum 5 RB/643 1977 Blanch...Local Authority Records
1644Fingal County ArchiveRB/650-RB/6691952-1957Agricultural Grant Sheets:RB/650 1941-1942RB/651 194...Fingal Local Authority Records
1645Fingal County ArchiveRB/670-RB/6801953-1957Agricultural Grant Sheets:RB/670 1953-1954RB/671 195...Local Authority Records
1646Fingal County ArchiveRB/681-RB/6961945-1959Summary of Rate Books and Agricultural Grant SheetsR...Local Authority Records
1647Fingal County ArchiveRB/697-RB/7051936-1968Fortnightly Rates Returns Book:RB/697 1958-1962 Rate...Local Authority Records
1648Fingal County ArchiveBG40/A/-RDC40/01839-1930Balrothery Board of Guardians Minute Books:BG40/A/1 ...Balrothery Poor Law Union and Rural District Council
1649Fingal County ArchiveRDC61-RDC78/A41901-1930Celbridge Rural District Minute Books:RDC61/A/1 Dece...Celbridge Rural District Council
1650Fingal County ArchiveRDC/78A/5-RDC/78/AE/11880-1930Dublin North Rural District Council Minute Books:RDC...North Dublin Rural District Council Records
1651Fingal County ArchiveBG78/AG/1-31901-1909North Dublin Board of Guardians Minute Books:BG/78/A...North Dublin Poor Law Union
1652Fingal County Archive1881-1899South Dublin Board of Guardians Minute Books:BG79/AL...South Dublin Poor Law Union
1653Fingal County ArchiveRDC79/A/1-1301899-1914South Dublin Rural District Council Minute Books:RDC...South Dublin Rural District Council
1654Fingal County ArchiveRDC79A/31-RDC/79/0/11915- 1930Dublin South Rural District Council Minute Books:RDC...South Dublin Rural District Council
1655Fingal County ArchiveRDC79/BA-RDC/137/A/21901-1925Dublin South Rural District Council:RDC79/BA/1 Inwar...South Dublin Rural District Council
1898Fingal County ArchiveDPH/1-DHP/181930-1940Dublin Board of Health Signed Minutes:DPH/1 November...Dublin Board of Health
1899Fingal County ArchiveDHP/20-HI/1/71930-1960Dublin Board of Health Copy Minutes:DPH/21 1940-1941...Dublin Board of Health
1900Fingal County ArchiveDublin Board of Public Health:Notebook belonging to ...Dublin Board of Health
8781Fingal County ArchiveCM1/1-411899-1975Finance and General Purposes Committee, Minute Books...Fingal Local Authority Records
8782Fingal County ArchiveCM1/1-CM1/191899-1931Finance and General Purposes Committee Minute Books:...Fingal Local Authority Records
8783Fingal County ArchiveCM1/20 to CM1/351929-1958Finance and General Purposes Committee Minute Books:...Fingal Local Authority Records
8784Fingal County ArchiveCM1/2/1-71934-1975Finance and General Purposes Agenda and Order Books:...Fingal Local Authority Records
8785Fingal County ArchiveCM1/3/1-CM1/3/31934-1958Finance and General Purposes Committee, Members'...Fingal Local Authority Records
8786Fingal County ArchiveCM1/4-CM1/51941-1944Finance and General Purposes Committee:Finance Sub-C...Fingal Local Authority Records
8787Fingal County ArchiveCM1/6/1-CM1/6/21899-1931Finance and General Purposes Committee:Financial Min...Fingal Local Authority Records
8788Fingal County Archive[CM1/1/38-CM1/1/411968-1975Finance and General Purposes Committee, Finance Comm...Fingal Local Authority Records
8789Fingal County Archive93/CP/1/MIN/1-I1923-1932Material relating to committee meetings, Minute Book...Fingal Local Authority Records
8790Fingal County Archive93/CP/1/MIN/2-I1932-1961Material relating to committee meetings, Minute Book...Fingal Local Authority Records
8791Fingal County Archive93/CP/1/MIN/3-I1962-1975Material relating to committee meetings, Minute Book...Fingal Local Authority Records
8792Fingal County Archive93/CP/1/MIN/4-I1975-1988Material relating to committee meetings, Minute Book...Fingal Local Authority Records
8793Fingal County Archive93/CP/1-RMB/1-93/CP/1-RMB1923-1972Rough Minute Books of the County Dublin Committee of...Fingal Local Authority Records
8794Fingal County Archive1964-1972Members' Attendance Register of the County Dubli...Fingal Local Authority Records
8795Fingal County Archive93/CP/1-FMC/1-ACC/11909-1976Material relating to financial dealings of the Agric...Fingal Local Authority Records
8796Fingal County Archive93/CP/1/REL/1-93/CP/11914-197193/CP/1/-REL/1 September 1914 - September 1915 Recei...Fingal Local Authority Records
20012Fingal County Archive97/LA/1/27-97/LA/1/341942-1985Manager's Orders:97/LA/1/27 September 1942 - Mar...Records of Balbriggan Town Commissioners
20013Fingal County Archive97/LA/1/25-97/LA/1/261966-1977
Agenda and Order Book:97/LA/1/25 November 1966 - Sep...Records of Balbriggan Town Commissioners
20024Fingal County Archive1816-1933Papers of the Cuffe Family 1816-193396/P/1/3 June 18...Papers of the Cuffe Family