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Rate Books for Sligo Borough, 1950-1952.

Notices of Motions Books:
6 March 1918-30 September 1958
August 1959-August 1977.

Special/Annual/Sick Leave Book for employees of Sligo Corporation, 1951-1983.

Register of public entertainment performed in the Town Hall, 1930-1948.

Register of Music performed in the Town Hall, 1938-1946.

Housing Committee, Minutes of Proceedings, 1919-1920.

Housing Committee, Minutes of Proceedings, 1922-1929.

Minutes and Proceedings of the School Meals Committee, 1914-1917.

Public Health, Water and Cemetery Commission, 1919-1925.

Public Health Committee, 1867-1884.

Public Health Committee, June 1914-1926.

Market, Roads and Lighting Committee, 1919-1925.

Markets and Water Commission, 1896-1897.

Special Borough Rating Books, 1918-1919.

Roads, Cleaning and Lighting Committee, 1895.

Water Rate Book, 1906.

Workmen's Account Books:
November 1899-June 1901

Proceedings of the Artisans' Dwellings Committee, 1886.

Special Borough Rating Book, , Water and Lighting, Sligo, 1918-1919.

Sligo Borough Rate Books:
1949-1950 east ward
1949-1950 west ward
1949-1950 north ward
1950-1951 east ward
1950-1951 west ward
1950-1951 north ward
1951-1952 east ward
1951-1952 west ward
1951-1952 north ward.

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